Adam Lambert” Whole Lotta Love (Video, Lyrics)

May 5, 2009

See the Adam Lambert Whole Lotta Love video and lyrics here. The Season 8 American Idol finalist delivered a standout performance.

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It was American Idol Rock Night May 5, 2009 with mentor, the legendary guitarist, Slash, of Guns N Roses. The American Idol Top 4 were to sing rock. As we know from season 8, Adam Lambert is a rocker and the Adam Lambert Whole Lotta Love video reveals one of the strongest performances yet from the Idol front runner.

As he did last week with the Feeling Good performance, the 27-year-old singer from Hollywood, California outdid himself again, adding yet another stellar performance to the ever growing list with his powerful rendition of the legendary rock band Led Zeppelin, Whole Lotta Love signature hit. His disco week performance of the Saturday Night Live classic, If I Can’t Have You was also noteworthy The tender side of the performer is equally mesmerizing as the singer dons slicked back hair and a suit, evoking an iconic Elvis Presley look.

We can add the Adam Lambert Whole Lotta Love video to the list of the singer’s rock classics alongside Steppenwolf Born to be Wild, Tears for Fears Mad World as well as his tender rendering of the Smokey Robinson classic, Tracks of My Tears.

The singer rocked the house on American Idol Top 4 May 5, 2009 putting his characteristic intensity to the classic Led Zeppelin Whole Lotta Love lyrics and melody which showcase his range and ability as a rock singer as the judges delivered their assessments.

Randy Jackson told the singer, “This is the Adam that I love, dude…you are a rock star tonight…you and Slash should make a record,” and “That was hot!”

Kara Dioguardi not satisfied with Adam Lambert declared a rock star said, “You are a rock god!” She went on to say he could do classic 70s rock, glam rock from the 80s.

Paula Abdul said, “You’re a whole lotta perfect!”

Simon Cowell said, “I thought the performance was a little understated….Teasing!” He went on to say, “It was one of my favorite performances you’ve ever done…nobody can top that now.”

In viewing the Adam Lambert Whole Lotta Love video one immediately sees the immense star quality that has captivated judges and audiences alike.

He continues to be the Idol favorite as the season 8 continues and he competes against the remaining contestants Allison Iraheta, Danny Gokey, and Kris Allen.

Here is a recap of all of the performances and here is a summary of the entire American Idol Top 4 May 5, 2009 show. On results night May 6, 2009 one of these contestants will be sent home, giving us an American Idol Top 3.

Here are the Led Zeppelin Whole Lotta Love lyrics. More photos and Adam Lambert Whole Lotta Love video below.

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5 Responses to “Adam Lambert” Whole Lotta Love (Video, Lyrics)”

  1. 1
    Risemoon Says:

    Ouch — why can’t men be consistent?

  2. 2
    TaraD Says:

    A response to the Adam Lambert clip above…AMAZINGLY AWESOME AND INCREDIBLE IN EVERY KIND OF WAY IMAGINED! ADAM LAMBERT IS THE MOST WONDERFULLY AWESOME SINCERE SWEET HUMBLE ROCKING GUY OUT THERE!..if that made sense…HE HAS THE PERSONALITY LOOKS AND STAGE PRESENCE THAT NO ONE ELSE CAN COMPARE TO -in a good way- If he doesnt win American Idol, I don’t know what i will do with my life, because Adam Lambert IS my life -sad,i know- but true! I LOVE YOU ADAM!!!!!!!!!

  3. 3
    jody Says:

    Adam is wonderful and has everything going for him in the music world….sexiness, talent,
    charm, handsome as can be, pleasant, kind, etc.
    Every night of Idol he has been wonderful and changes it….
    He is not my life but I plan on his music he makes being on cd’s in my van going to concerts……
    Adam is American Idol this year…..
    Send Gokey back to his home town…….
    Don’t plan on watching the finals if Adam is not on there and do as usual turn off Danny and his choir voice….Go Adam you are great….Bet Slash would of taken you to sing with him playing the guitar….

  4. 4
    jelli Says:

    youre really amazing!!!…..i really dont know y adam lambert didnt win!!!
    anyway,his still very very talented….you lost to khris allen but i know in the future youll be betTer than him!!!!

  5. 5
    amanda Says:

    muito lindo, gato e muito mais nossaa muito muito lindoo