Jamie Pugh: Britain’s Got Talent

May 2, 2009

Meet Jamie Pugh, Britain’s Got Talent newest singing sensation. See photos, video and a biography here of the latest contender whose singing of ‘Bring Him Home’ from Les Misérables was so heartrending.

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UPDATE: Jamie Pugh performed in the BGT Semi-final on May 25, 2009. You can see the new video here.

Jamie Pugh Britain’s Got Talent audition was another standout in a season that has seen so much incredible talent, not least, the overnight star Scottish singer Susan Boyle. The 37-year-old Jamie Pugh is a pizza delivery man from Gwent who auditioned at Cardiff, Wales. By now, we know that the present occupation of the BGT contestant has nothing to do with the magnitude of the talent.

The Jamie Pugh Britain’s Got Talent audition was memorable in his performance of ‘Bring Him Home’ from the musical Les Misérables. The singer was clearly nervous, and admitted a lack of experience in public performance; in fact said this was his first time in front of an audience. He prevailed beautifully in spite of his obvious nervousness in singing with much emotionally intensity the technically demanding and poignant song lyrics which the Jean Valjean character sings in the famed musical. One can easily envision Jaimie Pugh pictures of future success from his performance, in spite of nervousness. It is the expressiveness in the voice that moved the audience as the camera panned and showed TV viewers numerous reaction shots of people clearly emotionally struck by the powerful performance and the ‘Bring Him Home’ lyrics.

The BGT judges were unanimous in praise of Jamie Pugh’s performance.

Amanda Holden said, ‘It is a beautiful song and that was amazing.’

Piers Morgan said, ‘I wasn’t expecting that kind of performance from you. You deliver pizzas at night, for goodness sake, and you come on this stage, one of the biggest talent shows in the world, and do a performance like that. I thought it was incredible.’

Simon Cowell said, I think I just got how important the last three minutes of your life just were, and to get the reaction you just got from the audience must be unbelievable.’ Cowell went on to express the importance that the singer develop confidence and belief in himself. ‘When you’re good, you’re good,’ he summed up.

Jamie Pugh Britain’s Got Talent now joins the list of contenders who have drawn notice. There was the 10-year-old Hollie Steel, Britain’s Got Talent audition, in which she sang ‘I Could Have Danced All Night’ and stunned judges and audiences with a grownup voice. Fellow child singer, the 12-year-old Shaheen Jafargholi from Wales who sang the Michael Jackson classic, Who’s Loving You, is another notable contender.

Suspense builds as it will not be until May 23, 2009 that we hear again the Scottish singer, Susan Boyle, who sang I Dreamed A Dream so astonishingly. Everyone is contending for the cash prize of £100,000 and to perform for the Queen at the Royal Variety Performance.

As a biography, Jamie Pugh is 37 years old. He is from Gwent in Wales where he works three days a week driving a van and in the evenings he works for Domino’s Pizza delivering pizza. His partner is Donna and she attended the Jamie Pugh Britain’s Got Talent audition.

In an interview, the singer said he did not sleep for three nights preceding the audition and he expressed his aspirations.

“I suffer from severe stage fright, it has totally crippled me.

“I’m just a simple bloke from the Valleys, but my dream is to sing at the Royal Variety.”

He will be remembered as the pizza delivery man with the incredible singing voice.

Here are Jamie Pugh photos. Watch Jamie Pugh Britain’s Got Talent video below.

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    You just need to see the bags under his eyes to believe that he isn’t lying when he says that he didn’t sleep for 3 nights before the performance. I thought that his voice was wonderful and wish him the very best.