Kelly McGillis: Lesbian Celebrities

April 30, 2009

Kelly McGillis lesbian? Yes, says the iconic Top Gun actress herself. See photos, video and find out more here about the latest of the lesbian celebrities to come out.

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Not gossip. Not speculation. Not anymore. The 51-year-old actress has come out of the closet ending the Kelly McGillis lesbian rumors once and for all in a candid video interview she gave to an Internet Web site. In the interview, when asked if she were looking for a man or a woman, she said:

“Definitely a woman. I’m done with the man thing. You need to move on in life.

Kelly McGills is best known for portraying U.S. Air Force training instructor Charlie Blackwood who became the girlfriend of the Tom Cruise character in the 1986 classic movie Top Gun. Whenever we think of 1980s pop culture, without a doubt, we must include the classic Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis pictures from the movie that are such an indelible part of that era. She was also memorable as the Amish woman who became Harrison Ford’s love interest in the 1985 movie Witness, and as the prosecutor the 1988 movie The Accused, in which Jodie Foster portrayed a rape victim. (Kelly McGillis was raped in 1982 in her apartment in New York and declined to portray the victim.) The Kelly McGills biography is thus interwoven with such iconic movies of the 1980s.

Fast forward to 2009 and we find now that with the Kelly McGillis lesbian public coming out the roster of lesbian celebrities has a new member. One can feel much empathy for the actress as it is clear she has gone through much struggle in coming to grips with her sexuality, first and secondly, to discuss it publicly.

As she reveals in the interview, it’s not just that she was twice married and twice divorced. Her first husband was Boyd Black. The second Kelly McGills husband, Fred Tillman, a California millionaire is the father of her two daughters, who are both now teenagers, with her second husband, Fred Tillman.

She went on in the interview to talk about what a struggle it was coming out as a lesbian.

‘I think that was an ongoing process from the time I was probably 12,’ she said. ‘It was a long arduous journey for me.

I had a lot of things happen that convinced me God was punishing me because I was gay. That was a hard process.

‘Life is a journey and it’s about growing and changing and coming to terms with who and what you are and loving who and what you are.’

Kelly McGillis lesbian? Yes. She has ended years of speculation about her sexual orientation. The question has long been asked as to whether or not she was gay. It will not likely be the end of public discussion or scrutiny, as inevitably, there will be rumors about the potential Kelly McGillis girlfriend. The newest of the lesbian celebrities may resurface in new batches of Kelly McGillis pics courtesy of eager paparazzi.

Here are Kelly McGillis photos. Watch video below.


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