Diversity: Britain’s Got Talent

April 28, 2009

Meet Diversity, Britain’s Got Talent dance group that has just become the BGT 2009 winner. See photos, video, biography and find out more about the three sets of brothers and four friends who range in age from 12 to 25 and make up the 11-member dance troupe Diversity, the winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2009.

diversity dance troupe 8

UPDATE – The Britain’s Got Talent Winner 2009 is Diversity dance troupe (picture above). The other finalists are second place finalist Susan Boyle and third place finalist Julian Smith. See photos here and more photos plus video of Diversity’s brilliant final performance below.

Diversity Britain’s Got Talent audition of 11 exciting dancers prove once again that we have much to see as the ITV1 show reveals more and more crowd pleasing performers every week, adding to the suspense as the internationally famous singing sensation Scottish singer Susan Boyle has new contenders.

Previously judges and audiences were wowed by another set of Britain’s Got Talent dancers, Flawless who handily lived up to their name. The Diversity Britain’s Got Talent audition at Manchester, England was equal if not even better.

Beginning their dance routine at BGT with a recording of the iconic words from the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ‘I Have a Dream’ speech, the Diversity dancers launched into a spirited and exhilarating dance performance which was a blend of many styles of dance and included comedic elements and even a remarkably well executed recreation of the iconic scene from Chariots of Fire, with a slow-motion run towards an imaginary finish line as the movie’s theme played.

Amanda Holden praised the Diversity Britain’s Got Talent audition saying, ‘Just when I think I’ve seen it all, and nothing could get any better, you came along.’ She went on to call the performance ‘dynamic,’ ‘funny’ and ‘imaginative and superb.’

Piers Morgan said he found the choreography, ‘inspired,’ and noted ‘we’ve had a lot of dance act here’ and ‘you are right up there with the best of the dancers we’ve seen.’

Simon Cowell said, ‘What I saw today was so inventive, so current but it kind of feels like a second wave of something; something I’ve never seen before.’ He went on to say, ‘I’ve never seen dance so imaginative, so creative, so entertaining.’

With that, Diversity dance troupe was given a yes from each judge and now competes against the global star and viral video sensation, Susan Boyle ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ and other BGT notables including the remarkable 10-year-old singer Hollie Steel who sang ‘I could Have Danced All Night’ and the 12-year-old Britain’s Got Talent singer Shaheen Jafargholi from Wales who sang the Michael Jackson classic, Who’s Loving You, is another strong contender.

As the dance group has advanced to semi-finals, we have not seen the last of Diversity Britain’s Got Talent performances. All BGT competitors are competing for a chance to win a cash prize of £100,000 and take part in the Royal Variety Performance.

As a biography, Diversity is a dance group from Essex, England. Diversity members’ ages range from 12 to 25. The youngest Diversity member is 12 years old and the oldest member is 25 years old.

The members of the dance group Diversity are four friends; Terry Smith from Rainham, Warren Russell from Dagenham, Perry Kiely from South Ockendon and Ike Ezekwugo from Leytonstone. The group also includes three sets of brothers who include Ian Mcnaughton, Jamie Mcnaughton, and Matt Mcnaughton from Basildon; Ashley Banjo and Jordan Banjo, brothers from Wickford; and Sam Craske and Mitchell Craske, Brothers from Dagenham.

The Diversity choreographer is Ashley Banjo, a university physics student. In an interview, he discussed his role.

‘From the age of 14 I started to teach myself routines and since then I’ve taken on the role of choreographer.

Their professions range from school students, college and university students, along with a member who has a masters degree in IT, a plumber and a telecoms engineer.

Diversity has competed in various dance competitions and has won the U.K. Street Dance Championships. Additionally, they have been featured in Universal Pictures’ ”How to Step UP and Street Dance’.

Here are Diversity photos. More pictures and Diversity Britain’s Got Talent video below. Britain’s Got Talent Semi-finals on May 24, 2009 and Diversity final performance video added below.

diversity dance troupe 2diversity dance troupe 3diversity dance troupe 4diversity dance troupe 5diversity dance troupe 6

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Britain’s Got Talent Winner Diversity Video

Photos: www.wenn.com/Daniel Deme

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  1. 1
    charlotte Says:

    diversity are an amazing dance group and deserve to win
    i secretley have developed a crush on sam craske they are from my hometown and need to win otherwise i am boycotting britains got talent

  2. 2
    shiri kaur Says:

    omg these guys are amazing, i absolutely love ashley, hes sooooo talented and gorjus!!!!!

  3. 3
    Carly Says:

    I met Diversity today when they came to Corby, and they are all really lovely boys and men. Ashley is so tall and really gorgeous, and Sam is actually amazing. He dance for me and my friend! I have lots of pictures too!
    Diversity too winn! xxx

  4. 4
    sue Says:

    I can watch these boys again and again…they are amazzzzzing!

  5. 5
    charlotte t Says:

    omg diversaity is amazing
    and there all so fitt
    ashley pwhoarr
    i met them today and they are all so friendly x

  6. 6
    layan Says:

    hi………i LOVE diversity they r sooo awesome1!!…by the way that jamie guy looks like hes got some yemeni in him…any1 no?…

  7. 7
    Elouise xxx Says:

    I love diversity soooo much n the lil 1 with the afro is soooo cute!!! gotta love em!
    DIverSiTY to win…………………………………… Diversity ROCK!!!! xoxoxox

  8. 8
    sydney Says:

    i like mitchell i secretly developed a crush on him like for ages before he was on bgt

  9. 9
    melissa Says:

    these lot are so talented i love how it just fits all together and i personalhy wouldnt change it for the world these guys have worked hard from the very begining. I hope they get through and win because they really deserve it :) !!

  10. 10
    Holly x Says:

    I Absolutely love diversity & hope they win . Already voted . I totalli fell in love with perry and his cute frizzy hair x x Diversity 2 win !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all the waii !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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