Bea Arthur Roast Joke (Video)

April 28, 2009

Golden Girl Bea Arthur roasted Pamela Anderson in 2006 to the great hilarity of everyone who had the pleasure of hearing her. The roast is a wonderful rating and very much worth your time to listen to it. Just be ready for some doubled over laughter. We have the video here for you to view as well as some photos.

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Bea Arthur

Bea Arthur is best known for her starring roles in the hit comedies Golden Girls and Maude. She was loved by the gay community in which she was described as a woman who proved you could be tall, deep voiced, often confused as a drag queen and still be a star. She was a feisty, brassy, bold lady throughout her life. The actress and comedian died after a long fight with cancer on April 25, 2009. She was 86-years-old.

After a lifetime of memorable performances, she gave one of her best performances in a 2006 Pamela Anderson roast. The Bea Arther roast joke had to do with a dramatic reading of portions of Pam Anderson’s ‘novel’ titled ‘Star Struck’.

Here is her intro to the reading ….

“I want to honor Pam for her literary achievements. You see I’ve just finished reading her new novel, ‘Star Struck.’ Very very…it’s a terrific book. The story concerns a blond very large breasted actress, surprisingly named Star, who becomes actively involved with a tattoo rocker and gets involved in a sex tape scandal, Pam where do you come with this?!”

RIP Bea Arthur. You will be missed by the entertainment community.

More photos and the video of the Bea Arthur roast is below the fold. Enjoy.

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Bea Arthur – Photos

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Bea Arthur Roasts Pamela Anderson Video


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