Kim Kardashian Blonde (Photos)

April 27, 2009

Kim Kardashian blonde photos? Yes, the proof is in the pictures and they are right here, along with video! You can see right here what everyone is talking about!

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It is a flattering new look for the socialite and reality TV Keeping up with the Kardashians star. Kim Kardashian blonde pics are all over the Internet and you can see lots of them here.

In the new Kim Kardashian blonde photos, the 28-year-old now bears a strong resemblance to music superstars Beyonce Knowles and J-Lo Jennifer Lopez!

Thanks to her Twitter account, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star let the world know about the brand new look. She also said that the new Kim Kardashian blonde look for now is the result of a hairpiece; she has not gone the peroxide blonde route yet.

She tweeted as follows:

“I WENT BLONDE!!!! Do u like it?”…”One more blonde pic!”… “I’m LOVING my blonde hair!”

The new Kim Kardashian blonde pictures became a prize subject for paparazzi during the weekend as she went shopping in the SoHo district of Lower Manhattan in New York City and paid a visit to a New York nail salon where she received a pedicure and was seen carrying her shoes on the way out of the salon.

More Kim Kardashian blonde photos and video are below.

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