Hollie Steel: Britain’s Got Talent

April 25, 2009

Meet Hollie Steel, Britain’s Got Talent latest singing sensation. See photos, video and a biography here of the 10-year-old singer with a stunningly mature voice whose brilliant singing was a shock to everyone as she sang ‘I Could Have Dance All Night’ the classic song from the musical My Fair Lady.

hollie steel 1

UPDATE: Hollie Steel performed in the BGT Semi-Final on May 29, 2009. After a shaky start, which saw her performance fall apart, and the young singer cry, (as seen here) she was allowed to return to perform again and she delivered a stellar performance of the classic Edelweiss from The Sound of Music. You can see that video here. She was selected to perform in the BGT Final on May 30, 2009.

Hollie Steel, not to be confused with Holly Steel, or anyone else, for that matter, looked every bit like a 10-year-old girl, dressed as a ballerina in a pink and lavender tutu and ballet slippers at the Manchester audition. One might have expected the dulcet tones of a child’s voice. But after the Susan Boyle phenomena, if we have learned anything by now at Britain’s Got Talent, we have learned that looks can be deceiving.

The 10-year-old singer at Britain’s Got Talent, Hollie Steel, played beautifully against expectations. She came out on stage, and began a ballet dance; Simon Cowell was just about to hit the buzzer on the dancing.

Suddenly she stopped dancing and began to sing the classic that Julie Andrews brought to fame in the musical ‘My Fair Lady.’ Forever we will remember the Hollie Steel ‘I could Have Danced all Night’ video. We will watch it and watch her, as did the audience and judges, completely astonished to hear such a powerful soprano voice singing the song and ending on a high note, perfectly placed and perfectly in pitch, that would have challenged an adult professional singer.

The Britain’s Got Talent audience always loves a thrilling surprise and they were on their feet cheering the young singer. The judges were as impressed as they were surprised by the precocious talent.

Amanda Holden began the round of superlatives by saying, ‘It’s just ridiculous how much talent you have. The voice that came out of you I was stunned at.’

Guest judge Kelly Brook, said, ‘I just didn’t expect that voice to come out of a tiny little thing. Beautiful and lovely.’

Piers Morgan chimed in saying, ‘We’ve seen lots of children in this series. I have never heard any of them sing as well as you.’

Simon Cowell began his remarkis by telling Hollie Steel what he didn’t like. He said, ‘I didn’t like what you were wearing because you came over as a typical little girl who wants to be a ballerina. I wasn’t crazy
about the song. Then I heard you sing and I think, Hollie, you’ve got a fantastic voice. The fact that you don’t know how good you are is what I really like about you. But this just might just be the tip of the iceberg because I thikn you’re better than that.’

Needless to say, the young Hollie Steel, Britain’s Got Talent audition won her a yes from each judge. We can look forward to Hollie Steel pictures of success. She becomes the next contender to the overnight international star, Scottish singer, Susan Boyle, who sang I Dreamed A Dream so astonishingly, must face if she hopes to win the competition and sing at the Royal Variety Performance and claim the cash prize of £100,000. Fellow child singer, the 12-year-old Shaheen Jafargholi from Wales who sang the Michael Jackson classic, Who’s Loving You, is another strong contender.

As a biography, Hollie Steel was born in 1998. Her age is 10. Her name is sometimes misspelled as Holly Steel. She is from Accrington Lancashire, England. Her parents are Nina Steel, 37, and Jason Steel 38. Both are NHS audiologists, and as such, they help children and the elderly with hearing problems. She has a brother Joshua Steel, 15, who aspires to a career as a theater actor on West End.

When Hollie Steel was four years old, she contracted a near fatal case of pneumonia, and narrowly escaped having to have part of her lung removed when it became filled with fluid. Instead, she spent three months in Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital and underwent surgery that drained the fluid saving both her life and her lung and, her capacity to sing.

Not only did she recover, but she began singing at age six. Hollie Steel is now a student at Oakhill College in Whalley, Lancashire. She has performed in musicals including Annie and Joseph And His Technicolor Dreamcoat.

In an interview, Hollie Steel, Britain’s Got Talent 10-year-old singer talked about her ambitions.

My aim is to get a record contract like my idol, Katherine Jenkins.”

Here are Hollie Steel photos. Watch Hollie Steel Britain’s Got Talent video and see more photos below.

hollie steel 4hollie steel 3hollie steel 2

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Photos: www.wenn.com

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12 Responses to “Hollie Steel: Britain’s Got Talent”

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  1. 1
    beatrice Says:

    Um…Audrey Hepburn didn’t even sing “I could have danced all night” in My Fair Lady–her voice was infamously dubbed over because it was wretched. It was Julie Andrews who first sang and made the song famous in the stage version.

  2. 2
    kck Says:

    The little girl is very talented, but lacks stage presence. She has a bright future, but I don’t see how they can compare a little girl like this to someone like Susan Boyle!? She can sing a Capella on command in perfect pitch in a interview. This poor little thing looked like she was going to pass out at the end of her number.

  3. 3
    rosalie Says:

    She has a beautiful voice, semi final song was too high for her, the pressure is too much as shown when she broke down on stage,thet should have taken her into the wings, not left the cameras on her, voyeurism,we switched off, her parents should pull her out of the show and wait until she is older.

  4. 4
    Paul Says:

    holly is great and should win this talent show
    but remember she is only ten! most people in the U.S.A. love her. Just watch Julie Andrews sing I could have dance all night then watch Holly. You tell me who sang it better!

  5. 5
    Laura Says:

    Hollie steel has a massive amount of talent and after her cracking in the semi finals everybody has been saying nasty things about her which i think is a bunch of rubbish because if you were a 10 year old girl singing infornt of 15million veiwers then i bet you would be like that to, she might not have much confidence but she is very good and she desvered to go through to the final. She might not be as good as susan boyle but as a 10 year old she is probaly better than anybody who is saying rubbish about her!!! HOLLIE STEEL 2 WIN XXX

  6. 6
    bULLY_bOY Says:

    “booooo whoooo can i start again?” – Start again? why because your mummys told you to break down and tug on the heart strings to get the sympathy vote’s. Glad you didnt win, painful displays of a classic that you ruined..again! Sick of shows like this being fixed! you forgot your lines, your not going to make it in showbiz, “BUZZZZ!” get off the stage please!

  7. 7
    Sharon Says:

    To the comment above, get a life! It is sad when people fail to recognise a talent such as Hollie’s. This little girl should be encouraged and recognised for her beautiful voice. Go Hollie and show the bullies of the world what you can do.

  8. 8
    John Wisehart Says:

    Hollie is wonderful. I want to be the first to buy her first CD album. I am focust on her talent and beauty and courage. I love Hollie!!!
    Lets not judge lest we be judged.

  9. 9
    Amy Nguyen Says:

    I really love Hollie, too. I hope to see her in the near future, getting better and better with each performance as she matures. To me, she sings like an angel (can’t get enough of it). Keep up the good work, Hollie!

  10. 10
    Jane Mitchell Says:

    Hollie’s really pretty, she’s got a truly wonderful voice for a young lady of 11 and I adore her to bits! How dare all the people who have made vile and disgusting comments about her, for example saying she’s brattish, say such things! OK, so she broke down on her
    first attempt of Edelweiss in the semi-final, but she went back on and sang it again, and I really admire her for being so brave. Her amazing courage earned her a well-deserved place in the BGT final – I’m surprised she wasn’t voted the 2009 BGT winner! She has everything going for her – beauty, grace, talent. Hollie, you are sensational – well done, darling!

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