Miss Universe Australia: Stephanie Naumoska Too Skinny

April 24, 2009

Meet Stephanie Naumoska, the anorexic-looking Miss Universe Australia contestant who critics say is alarmingly skinny. See her photos, biography and video and decide for yourself if she is too skinny for the pageant.

Stephanie Naumoska

Stephanie Naumoska

A firestorm erupted in Australia during the Miss Australia Universe pageant over claims that she is dangerously skinny and a poor example to young women. Some claim she is malnourished without bothering to examine her medically.

She says that she is just tall and thin, not anorexic at all. See the video and believe her. She is hot in her own body. Stephanie Naumoska isn’t taking the heat lying down either:

“I think it is very unfair that I have been criticized that I’m too skinny. I have never been anorexic or bulimic I don’t throw up my meals after I eat them I don’t starve myself, none of that.”

“I’m here to defend the skinny people.”

For a biography she is only 19 years old from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. According to her modeling profile her height is 5’11” tall while she weighs 117 pounds, not the 105 pounds reported elsewhere in the media. There are skinnier girls but that is on the light side. Still nothing to get upset about.

While her critics are picking at her unfairly, they might also mention she is flat chested with measurements of 31-25-35. A boob job would fix that problem. She has beautiful long brown hair which hangs deliciously over her shoulders.

So what is all the fuss about? If a woman wants to be skinny, let her be skinny. If she wants to be fat let her be fat. Who cares and stop gawking. She almost won the contest which is a lot better than the armchair beauty contestants. I think she looks good.

More pictures of Stephanie Naumoska are below along with a video from the Miss Universe Australia pageant.

Miss Australia UniverseStephanie NaumoskaMiss Australia UniverseStephanie Naumoska
Stephanie Naumoska Photos (Miss Universe Australia Contestant)

Stephanie Naumoska Video

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