Esther Nazarov is Fred Durst Girlfriend (Photos)

April 22, 2009

Meet Esther Nazarov, girlfriend of Fred Durst and soon to be wife. Durst recently announced his engagement to this blonde beauty on Twitter. See more photos and read a biography of Esther Nazarov here.

Esther Nazarov

Esther Nazarov

Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst announced his engagement to Esther Nazarov on Twitter over the weekend, even posting a picture of his fiance’s gorgeous engagement ring. You can see it here. He said:

Great news- I’m getting married to Esther in July!!!! It’s on!! Break out the bubbley!!

I am the happiest man alive!! I’m so excited for our wedding!! I’ve never known true love until now. So grateful.

Get a look at that Neil Lane rock! That is one lucky lady!

Esther Nazarov Biography

As a biography, there is scant information on Esther Nazarov. She is quite a mystery lady, but just look at her pictures, she’s a gorgeous blond who obviously makes Fred Durst happy. Help us out, readers! If you have any information on Esther Nazarov, please leave your comments below!

More photos and video of Esther Nazarov, Fred Durst girlfriend, can be found after the jump!

Esther Nazarov Esther Nazarov Esther Nazarov
Esther Nazarov Pictures

Esther Nazarov boyfriend, Fred Durst – Video

Photos: Adriana M. Barraza/ PNP/WENN

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