Adam Lambert If I Can’t Have You Video: Bee Gees If I Can’t Have You Lyrics

April 21, 2009

Watch the Adam Lambert ‘If I Can’t Have You’ video here. The Season 8 American Idol finalist delivered a powerful and original performance. See video, photos and Bee Gees If I Can’t Have You Lyrics here.

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Disco Week on American Idol Top 7 April 21, 2009 gave us another signature performance from the American Idol frontrunner, Adam Lambert If I Can’t Have You video which we can watch as we see the star power of the Season 8 favorite.

Bee Gees If I Can’t Have You lyrics and song were written by the members of the group, Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb. As sung by Yvonne Elliman, the song was immortalized in the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, and as such takes its place among iconic hits of the disco era. The song was covered by Kim Wilde in 1993.

Now with the Adam Lambert If I Can’t Have You performance, the singer gave the song his characteristic emotionally intense delivery for which he has become known as much as the spirited rock star arena style performing which brings the audience to their feet. The tender side of the performer is equally mesmerizing as the singer dons slicked back hair and a suit, evoking an iconic Elvis Presley look.

The Idol favorite can add this one to his strong of memorable performances alongside Steppenwolf Born to be Wild, Tears for Fears Mad World and the Smokey Robinson classic, Tracks of My Tears.

The judges were all pleased. Randy Jackson told him he loves how he can “sing everything,” and declares that he has “got it majorly going on” and has a “hot one tonight.”

Kara Dioguardi calls the singer brilliant, and says that the Adam Lambert If I Can’t Have You is his ” most memorable performance,” and she goes on to note the emotional connection he has made with the song. Noting his look, she called it ‘Saturday Night Live meets Clark Kent’ although meaning to say ‘Saturday Night Fever.’

Paula Abdul cays he is “awesome” and can expect to be in the finals. She literally cried during the performance.

Simon Cowell says that he did something original, that they were not expecting. He says he has never heard the song sung that way before and that the Adam Lambert If I Can’t Have You arrangement is memorable.

In singing the Saturday Night Fever If I Can’t Have You classic, the singer continues to demonstrate genuine star quality. He continues to be the Idol favorite as the season 8 continues and he competes against the remaining contestants Allison Iraheta, Anoop Desai, Danny Gokey, Kris Allen, Lil Rounds, and Matt Giraud. Here is a moment by moment recap of all of the performances and here is a summary of the entire American Idol Top 7 April 21 show.

On results night April 22, 2009 two candidates will be sent home, giving us an American Idol Top 5. We are skipping Top 6 altogether this year, due to the judges save of Matt Giraud last wek.

More photos and Adam Lambert If I Can’t Have You video below.

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Bee Gees If I Can’t Have You Lyrics

Don’t know why I’m surviving every lonely day
When there’s got to be no chance for me
My life would end and it doesn’t matter how I cry
My tears of love are a waste of time
If I turn away am I strong enough to see it through
Go crazy is what I will do

If I can’t have you, I don’t want nobody baby
If I can’t have you ah ah, I can’t have you
I don’t want nobody baby, if I can’t have you ah ah

Can’t let go and it doesn’t matter how I try
I gave it all so easily to you my love
To dreams that never will come true
Am I strong enough to see it through
Go crazy is what I will do


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3 Responses to “Adam Lambert If I Can’t Have You Video: Bee Gees If I Can’t Have You Lyrics”

  1. 1
    Christine Says:

    Can’t stop playing it over and over again. I want to buy his cd already..

  2. 2
    Avonquil Says:

    With the current avalanche of troublesome news and a deepening sense of crisis in the United States and by extension in Canada too, and the innumerable heartbreaking stories of personal loss and suffering and of individual tragedies woven into forming the clouds, Adam Lambert’s honesty and integrity in portraying his raw emotions through his singing connects with both the broken hearted and those who are afraid and often desperate. He cannot emote such emotions without having experienced the pain of them himself. I believe our hopes for him to achieve well deserved universal success and recognition are borne out of our need to believe that things can and will get better.
    Adam is not a saviour but he is a shining symbol of what needs to be rekindled in the hearts of America, of North America.
    Adam is hope wrapped in brilliance crowned with humility.

  3. 3
    Kim Weaver Says:

    The best American Idol has ever had. He is the only reason I watch. Granted, there are other talented people this year, but they are not Adam. I will buy whatever he puts out there. He has sex appeal, so much talent and style. Adam is the bomb!!!! He just has to win. Every song he has done has been individualized. I always think Wow! I have never heard that song done that way. I just love love love him.