Ellen Pompeo Pregnant: Ellen Pompeo Baby (Photos)

April 19, 2009

Adorable Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo is pregnant with a real-live baby, an announcement which will disappoint her lusting male fans everywhere. She has a body which should be enshrined in the bedroom hall-of-fame, which you can see in photos below. Read her biography and see an Ellen Pompeo news-worthy video as well.

Ellen Pompeo baby

Ellen Pompeo Pregnant!

The father of Ellen Pompeo’s baby is not Grey Anatomy co-star Patrick Dempsey. You can see those two in bed doing all sorts of things below. But that is all fake TV stuff unworthy of a baby announcement.

Her real-life husband is music producer Chris Ivery pictured later in this article. The couple met romantically in a grocery store in 2003 while squeezing melons in the fruits and vegetables section, which prompted the obvious foreplay and double-entendre discussion. They have never been the same since, having married four years later in 2007. And now this? An Ellen Pompeo baby no less?

According to her publicity agent, “It’s great news. They’re ecstatic.”

You can see her covering a baby bump in the black jacket, which was shot on the day of a David Letterman appearance in February.

Read more here and here and here. Fans are wondering if the Grey’s Anatomy show will write Meredith Grey pregnant into the script.

See more pictures of Ellen Pompeo pregnant with delightful baby below and husband Chris Ivery.

Ellen Pompeo babyEllen Pompeo PregnantEllen Pompeo PregnantEllen Pompeo baby
Ellen Pompeo (Photos)

Ellen Pompeo Video

Photos: Wenn.com

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2 Responses to “Ellen Pompeo Pregnant: Ellen Pompeo Baby (Photos)”

  1. 1
    Nikki Says:

    LOVED your blog! I love Ellen and am so happy for her. I met her last summer, spent about 20 minutes talking to her. She’s incredible.

  2. 2
    Maddie Says:

    SQUEEE! I love Ellie so very much. It is true, all her male fans will cry. Ah well. Who says it will ruin her body anyways? Some people don’t get stretch marks at all and go back to normal. I adore Ellen. She’s so talented and amazingly beautiful. Just adorable. I can’t wait to see her all pregnant and cute :D