Miranda Tozier Robbins is Britney Spears Stalker

April 17, 2009

Miranda Tozier Robbins is Britney Spears stalker, arrested at the pop superstar’s home. See photos, video and find out more about the latest disturbing case of celebrity stalking.

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Miranda Tozier Robbins is a 26-year-old former American Idol season 5 hopeful. She was arrested at Britney Spears’ Calabasas, California home after security guards found her trespassing on the property, peering into windows. She was wearing camouflage fatigues (as seen in the mug shot above) and had a backpack and video camera.

She was asked to leave by security, according to the incident report she “balked at their requests” and she was then physically escorted off of Britney Spears’ property. Britney Spears was not home at the time of the incident, according to police. Her Circus Tour however is in Los Angeles where she performs at the Staples Center over the weekend.

According to Malibu/Lost Hills Station, an L.A. County Sheriff’s deputy arrested Miranda Tozier-Robbins on suspicion of trespassing and disorderly conduct. She was then held on $5,000 bail, but then released after she agreed to appear in a Malibu court on June 16, 2009.

Miranda Tozier Robbins was apparently a Britney Spears fan. In her season 5 American Idol audition she sang the Britney Spears single Everytime. She reportedly had someone using that same name and had left comments on the pop star’s official Web site as recently as April 11.

Watch a video and see a photo of Miranda Tozier Robbins, Britney Spears stalker below. Watch video below.

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    Miranda Tozier-Robbins Says:

    yeah, I’m the one in the MIDDLE yahoos!