St. Patrick’s Day Irish Dance (Videos)

March 16, 2007

Here are three Irish dances for Saint Patrick’s Day by different dance companies. My favorite is the first video because it is more genuinely Irish, but you may be interested in the more famous Riverdance and Lord of the Dance videos.

Irish Dance (3.30)

Riverdance Tap Dance (3.30)

Lord of the Dance (5min)

We featured a very special dance by Gillian Norris from Lord of the Dance some months ago. You can find that by using our search box. She totally rocks.

Read all about the history of Irish dance here.

See these fine blogs for more St. Patrick’s Day dancing, song, limericks, and other Irish fun:, Calabash, Ryan Northcott,, Captain Purplehead, Spadework,, Sellsius, Play Library, NY Houses, BE Something,

Irish dance comes in several forms, which can broadly be divided into social dances and performance dances. Irish social dancing can be divided further into céilí and set dancing. Irish set and céilí dances are usually danced by couples arranged into formations (sets); frequently squares of four couples, but many other formations are found, also. Irish social dance is a living tradition, and variations in the way a particular dance is danced are found across the Irish dance community; in some places, dances are deliberately modified and new dances are choreographed.

Irish performance dancing is traditionally referred to as stepdance. Irish stepdance has been recently popularised by the world-famous show “Riverdance” and its followers. Aside from public dance performances, there are also stepdance competitions. Most competitive stepdances are solo dances, though many stepdancers also perform and compete using traditional set and céilí dances. When performed as a solo dance, it is generally characterized by a stiff upper body and the quick and precise movements of the feet.

The dancing traditions of Ireland probably grew in tandem with traditions of Irish traditional music. The very first roots were in Pre-Christian Ireland, but Irish dance was also partially influenced by dance forms on the Continent, especially the quadrille dances. Travelling dancing masters taught all over Ireland as late as the early 1900s.

Source: Wiki

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