Robyn Gibson, Mel Gibson Wife: Robyn Moore Mel Gibson Divorce

April 13, 2009

Meet Robyn Gibson, Mel Gibson’s wife. See photos, video and a biography of the woman, also known as Robyn Moore, who has filed for divorce from the Hollywood star after 28 years of marriage.

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Variously known by her maiden name, Robyn Moore, Robyn Gibson, Mel Gibson wife, filed for divorce the day before Good Friday, citing “irreconcilable differences” according to the divorce papers which TMZ obtained which were filed with Los Angeles Country Superior Court.

The couple married in 1980 and did not sign a prenuptial agreement, as this was before the two-time Oscar winner Gibson, 53, became a major Hollywood actor and director whose fortune was last assessed in 2006 as being worth a reported $900 million. As the couple resided in California, community property laws are in effect, which means a fifty-fifty split of assets.

The couple has seven children, none of which are minors with the exception of a 10-year-old son, Tom, of whom Robyn Gibson seeks joint custody along with spousal support and attorney fees.. has photos and eyewitness accounts of an alleged Mel Gibson affair with woman who reportedly is a Russian musician.

As a biography, Robyn Gibson was born in Australia. Her birth name is Robyn Moore. She was a dental nurse prior to her marriage.

Robyn Moore met Mel Gibson soon after the filming of the 1979 movie ‘Mad Max,’ of which he was the star. Gibson was an unknown actor who was with the South Australian Theatre Company. At the time, they both lived as tenants in the same house in Adelaide, South Australia. The couple married in June of 1980 in New South Wales.

Robyn Gibson, Mel Gibson’s wife, gave birth to seven children; Hannah, Edward and Christian (twins), William, Louis, Milo, and Thomas, with the oldest born in 1980 and the youngest in 1999. The couple also has a grandchild.

Here are Robyn Gibson pictures. More photos and a video of Robyn Gibson, Mel Gibson wife are below.

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