Erica Jackson: Chris Brown Girlfriend?

April 13, 2009

Erica Jackson, Chris Brown’s girlfriend? See photos, video and find out more here about the woman who reportedly is the R&B singer and alleged felon’s new girlfriend.

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The Chris Brown Rihanna assault story has a new twist, as there is never ending speculation about the pair in the aftermath of the alleged domestic violence incident which saw Brown charged with two felony counts, felony assault and making criminal threats to which he has pleaded not guilty.

This time Chris Brown is the focus of rumors. According to unnamed sources, which the New York Daily News quotes, the Chris Brown Erica Jackson ‘new girlfriend’ is actually a former girlfriend and a student at University of Mary Washington. The source is quoted as saying, that they met in Virginia, which is Brown’s home state.

“They dated back in the day and reconnected a few weeks ago when Chris was in town. They’ve been spending a lot of time together, but things only really heated up over the last two weeks.”

Erica Jackson, Chris Brown girlfriend? Very little is known about her. According to the unnamed source, she is said to be ‘no Rihanna’ meaning she is ‘more of a plain Jane — cute though.’ The source goes on to say she ‘has a good head on her shoulders; she’s solid.’

A Chris Brown rep does not confirm the new girlfriend story but does acknowledge that the singer was at Sunset Boulevard tattoo parlor during the weekend.

“He did go to a tattoo parlor with someone from the studio named Dean. There was a woman there who was a friend of Dean. There is no truth to this at all. Chris does not know the woman nor does he know the name of the woman.”

For her part, Rihanna has been spotted leaving Santa Monica, California recording studio and making a surprise appearance at a N.E.R.D. concert in Kansas City over the weekend.

Here are photos of Erica Jackson, Chris Brown girlfriend (alleged). More photos and video below.

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3 Responses to “Erica Jackson: Chris Brown Girlfriend?”

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    emel Says:

    chris i love u wt da love of God and i understand that u used to sing in church nd al dat nd i understand dat u love God bt the thing is if u trully love God ull obey his commands so pliz turn back to God do da things dat pleases him sing a kind of music dat glorifies HIM-gospel- let fame nd wealth not be wat ur heart is after but let ur heart be after God nd in da process God will giv u uer heart desires if u reallly wnt to change the lifes of youths around the world then giv them God and u can do dat thru gospel music only God gav u dat talent so that u can use it for His glory nt for the things of the devil- God loves u and if u love Him ull let go nd sacrifice everything to be wt Him-the world is weaked nd evil- join a charismatic church- look 4 Pastor Craig Lewis or search 4 him on the net-u hav to giv ur life to Christ

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    jadine Says:

    how could you chhris b

  3. 3
    bubba dog Says:

    bo you dumb both of them ugly but i mean rihanna is straight than erica