Johanna Cox is Alec Baldwin Girlfriend?

April 10, 2009

Meet Johanna Cox, Alec Baldwin’s girlfriend? See photos, video and a biography of here of the reality TV star and fashion editor who reportedly has been dating the 30 Rock star.

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The 29-year-old was the winner of 2008 reality TV show Stylista on CW. The Johanna Cox is Alec Baldwin girlfriend rumors surfaced when he brought her to the New York premiere of his new movie Lymelife. Alec Baldwin, 51, divorced Kim Basinger in 2002. He is more than 20 years older than Cox.

“They acted like a couple,” a source at the premiere said. “They were holding hands.”

As a biography, Johanna Cox is from Okemos, Michigan. Her age is 29. She is a graduate of Georgetown University. She worked in Washington, DC as a China analyst and had aspirations of becoming a fashion writer. During the course of 18 months she submitted 40 job applications and had no responses. In the meantime she authored a popular fashion blog, A Serious Job Is No Excuse.

She became one of 11 contestants on the CW reality TV show, Stylista, in 2008 vying for the prize of a one-year job as a fashion editor at Elle Magazine.

Presently, as winner of Stylista, Johanna Cox now works for Elle magazine and part of her duties is to write for an blog for the magazine.

Here is a Johanna Cox photo. Watch video of Johanna Cox, (Alec Baldwin girlfriend?) below.


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