Michael Douglas Facelift: Michael Douglas Plastic Surgery (Photos)

April 10, 2009

Michael Douglas facelift rumors are surfacing again. See photos, video and find out more about the latest Internet buzz on the possible plastic surgery of the Oscar winning actor and producer.

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Michael Douglas, 64, son of screen legend Kirk Douglas, is eternally handsome and thus a perennial target for plastic surgery rumors.

Back in 2005, Michael Douglas facelift rumors surfaced when photos of the star in Barbados appeared showing him with a bandage near his ear, and alleged bleeding from a cut on the other ear. Some took this as evidence for plastic surgery.

You can see those photos here.

At the time, through his publicist, Allen Burry, he indicated that the wounds were unrelated to any Michael Douglas plastic surgery and were a result of a procedure to remove several non-cancerous lesions.

Michael Douglas facelift rumors also surfaced in the year 2000 prior to his marriage to his second wife, Welsh actress Catherine Zeta Jones who is 25 years younger than he.

And of course, there are always speculative stories with comparison photos of the star back in his Wall Street days for which he won the Academy Award for his performance in the acclaimed Oliver Stone movie as the iconic Gordon Gekko ‘Greed is good’ character. Here is one cosmetic surgeon’s detailed speculation as to possible Michael Douglas plastic surgery procedures.

Michael Douglas is also known for costarring alongside Sharon Stone in Paul Verhoeven’s steamy 1992 movie ‘Basic Instinct.’ Recently, the two stars were photographed together at an event. You can see several photos from that event along with side-by-side comparisons of photos from their ‘Basic Instinct’ days, 17 years ago here.

Michael Douglas facelift rumors remain unconfirmed. Below are Michael Douglas photos and video.

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Photos: wenn.com

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