Allison Williams Is Sex Tape Lawsuit

April 9, 2009

Meet Allison Williams, a former Miss West Virginia whose sex tape scandal has reached its end. Allison was awarded $7.2 million in damages by a court in West Virginia; the defendants were accused of distributing a pornographic video which they said featured Williams. She did not appear in the video. See her biography, photos and video here.

On Wednesday, April 8, 2009, a jury in Clarksburg, West Virginia awarded Allison Williams a verdict of $7.2 million. The case was pending in U.S. District Court against nine defendants accused of distributing a sex tape and falsely claiming the video featured the former Miss West Virginia.

Allison Williams Biography

As a biography, Allison Williams was 2003’s Miss West Virginia. She graduated from law school at the West Virginia University College of Law recently and currently works for a shipping company in Vienna, Virginia while she awaits the Bar examination. Prior to that she graduated from West Virginia University and was selected as one of the Youth Summit Democratic Leaders.

In 2004, a sex tape surfaced which distributors claimed featured Allison. She came across it searching for a different article, and immediately began constructing a plan. She originally sued 59 defendants, but suits against all but 9 were dismissed. After an extended court process, Allison was finally vindicated. Now each of the remaining 9 defendants owes her $800,000.

Allison’s damages were based on the pain caused to her by the false allegations. She says that she’s had to explain the situation to various employers and boyfriends, and even had a stalker over the sex tape. Her attorney, Parween Mascari, explains,

“She’s been living a nightmare. This has been a really hard process for her, but she never gave up.”

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