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April 9, 2009

The Mischa Barton Cosmopolitan cover showcases the slender physique of the young star who achieved notoriety on the TV series The O.C. See photos, video and find out more here.

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The May 2009 Mischa Barton Cosmopolitan cover reveals the 23-year-old actress in a provocative photo and accompanying photo shoot and featured in an interview. The actress has been much in the news for her body changes in the last year. First the Mischa Barton cellulite photos caused unwanted attention. And, in literal fulfillment of the old adage, ‘You can’t win for losing,’ the star got criticized when she lost weight and and she was accused of setting a bad example, for dropping from a dress size 12 to a size 6-8 in six months. Her thinness even fueled rumors about her health.

However, on the cover of the iconic magazine, she is in charge. As such, she is celebratory and exuberant about the attention getting Mischa Barton Cosmopolitan cover in which she wears nothing at all but a few bracelets on her wrist.

It’s human nature to be self-critical, but it’s possible to like the way you look. ‘I’m happy now – I wouldn’t change my body, and I couldn’t anyway.

The Mischa Barton Cosmopolitan cover photos are here.

She went on to elaborate about issues of body image in the UK Cosmo magazine interview.

‘The only way to be happy and be a more enjoyable person to be around is to embrace what you’ve got. Everyone has issues about their body, but I feel confident now. I’m healthy and happy.’

Beyond these persistent issues of body image, the Mischa Barton Cosmopolitan interview reveals her overall confidence with herself and that she attributed some of it to being single again after a break up last year. She has reportedly recently dated Luke Pritchard from The Kooks. She tells the magazine:

‘After I broke up with a boyfriend last year (prior to Luke), I felt empowered. I’ve forced myself to grow up. I really felt like it was time. And nothing makes you grow like finding out that somebody or something isn’t good for you.’

She also addressed the challenges women face, as they are constantly under scrutiny for appearance.

“I think women can be terribly critical. I don’t think most men would even notice if you put on some weight…A paparazzi photo can make anyone look too fat or too thin. It doesn’t matter what the tabloids say.

She has also been in the news recently because reportedly she has been asked to put on weight for her role the new Ashton Kutcher show on CW, A Beautiful Life.

More photos and a video of Mischa Barton Cosmopolitan are below.

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Photos: wenn.com

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