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April 7, 2009

Meet Clare Balding, TV presenter and sports journalist for the BBC. See photos, video and a biography here.

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Clare Balding, as a TV sports presenter and journalist, fronts the BBC horse racing coverage. She is in the news today as the BBC has issued an apology on her behalf, regarding remarks she made about the teeth of the 2009 Grand National winner Liam Treadwell in a post-race interview with him. Balding had urged the jockey to smile, and when he smiled he did not show his teeth. Balding then encouraged him to show his teeth and when he did not, she said:

“He hasn’t got the best teeth in the world, but you can afford to go and get them done now if you like.”

Treadwell, who looked embarrassed, replied: “Well I could do, but I ain’t complaining. It might be bringing on bad luck if I do that, though.”

The BBC issued a statement of apology.

“Clare Balding had no intention whatsoever of upsetting or embarrassing Liam Treadwell, but she fully accepts that she should not have raised the subject with him at that time.

In the aftermath, the event has shown that longstanding stereotypes about the poor state British dentistry are still present despite major improvements in the last several decades. It has also renewed discussion both on dental health and on the cruelty of stereotyping.

As a biography, Clare Balding was born on January 29, 1971 in Kingsclere, Hampshire, England so her age is 38. She attended Downe House, a renown girls’ independent school which is near Thatcham in Berkshire, England. She went on to graduate from Newnham College, Cambridge in 1993 where she studied English and was President of the Cambridge Union Society in Easter 1992.

While still in school, in 1989-1990, she became a leading amateur flat jockey and Champion Lady Rider. She followed the family tradition as her her father, Ian Balding and her brother, Andrew Balding, are both trainers of champion riders.

She began her broadcasting career in 1994 with BBC National Radio and a year later, she began work for the BBC as a TV presenter, making her debut during Royal Ascot. Since 1997 she has been a BBC horse racing presenter and as such has fronted coverage for several Grand Nationals. She also fronts the BBC rugby league coverage. She has presented at other live events for the BBC including Crufts and the Lord Mayor’s Show, Trooping the Colour and New Year’s Eve.

Additionally, Clare Balding, has been a presenter at both the Olympic and the Paralympic Games in Beijing, China (2008), Athens, Greece (2004) and Sydney, Australia (2000) as well as the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA (2002) and Turin, Italy (2006), and the Commonwealth Games (2006).

Royal Television Society named her its “Sports Presenter of the Year” in 2003. She also won the “Racing Journalist of the Year Award” that same year, and later received the “Racing Broadcaster of the Year Award.”

She has also written columns on a regular basis for The Observer, the Evening Standard and The Sporting Life. In 2008 she appeared on reality TV program The Apprentice UK.

She lives in Chiswick, London with longtime partner, BBC Radio newsreader Alice Arnold. The couple entered into a civil partnership in September 2006.

More photos and video of Clare Balding TV Presenter are below.

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