Carole Marini is Gilles Marini Wife

April 6, 2009

Meet Carole Marini, Gilles Marini’s wife. See photos, video and a biography here of the beautiful wife of the actor and model who has become a DWTS frontrunner and favorite.

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Carole Marini is in the news as Gilles Marini continues to dazzle viewers with his outstanding dance performances on Dancing with the Stars, particularly his sultry Argentine tango with professional partner Cheryl Burke that earned the pair a perfect score.

Naturally we wonder what does his wife think of this sexy dancing? The DWTS favorite is quoted in a recent interview, saying that after the perfect score he celebrated with his wife, Carole Marini, and friends by going out for burgers, comically adding that he imagined the high calorie dinner had helped him put on 18 pounds.

Displaying such intense eroticism on the dance floor has led to many questions which the candid Marini has answered, and in so doing pays tribute to his longtime successful marriage. The actor/model achieved international fame thanks to his role in ‘Sex and the City’ and the now famous shower scene in which the actor’s character leaves nothing to the imagination.

In an interview, the actor shares some more personal details about Carole Marini.

“We [have had] a very good relationship for 11 years. I think the secret is to really keep it alive in the level of communication and I guess a lot of sex.”

As a biography, Carole Marini is Gilles Marini’s wife. She is originally from France, as is Marini, who is the son of a Greek mother and an Italian father.

She married the model and actor in 1998 and the couple has two children. George Marini, born in 2000 and Juliana Marini, born in 2007. They reside in Studio City, California.

More photos of Carole Marini, Gilles Marini wife and a video are below.

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