Farrah Fawcett Cancer Update

April 5, 2009

farrah fawcett

Farrah Fawcett cancer update. Farrah Fawcett died June 25, 2009 at 9:28 a.m. Pacific Time. She was 62 years old.

Read more about the tragic Farrah Fawcett death here.


Recent developments and June 2009 news have been added below along with photos and video.

The former Charlie’s Angels star is reportedly hospitalized with family including Ryan O’Neal at her side. RadarOnline.com

Farrah Fawcett son Redmond O’Neal, 24, reportedly has been arrested. TMZ

Paris Hilton on Doug Reinhardt: ‘He’s going to be my husband.” Gabby Babble

Samantha Ronson Lindsay Lohan breakup? Lohan says, ‘We are taking a brief break so I can focus on myself.’ Pop Sugar

Italian tycoon Fabrizio Politi tells all about his break up with Spice Girl Geri Halliwell. I’m Not Obsessed

Fox News fires “Fox 411″ freelance columnist Roger Friedman for “promoting” piracy in his ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ movie review. Nikki Finke’s Deadline Hollywood Daily

Jay-Z the matchmaker? The hip hop mogul is allegedly helping his friend Khloe Kardashian find a good man. Bossip

Tom Brady Gisele Bündchen wedding: The married couple exchanged vows a second time. Pink is the New Blog

Keira Knightley stars in ‘Cut’ a graphic ad to raise awareness about domestic abuse. Hecklerspray

Chris Brown reportedly will plead not guilty the Rihanna assault case. Daily Telegraph

Rumer Willis, daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, will guest star on Medium as a prostitute. Backseat Cuddler

Does Sex and the City Sequel Have “Big” Problems? EOnline

Megan Fox is her usual gorgeous self in a DT Spain magazine cover and photo shoot. Derek Hail

Rumor and speculation surround the Farrah Fawcett cancer battle. What is known for certain is that the 62-year-old star is the subject of a documentary ‘A Wing and a Prayer’ which chronicles her courageous battle with cancer; NBC has acquired broadcast rights. She was first diagnosed in 2006 with anal cancer, and it went into remission only to return in 2007. She had reportedly been undergoing treatment in Germany.

UPDATE. The cancer has spread to her liver. Read more at Popeater

The latest Farrah Fawcett cancer update news is that her condition continues to worsen. Read more: RadarOnline.com

UPDATE: June 2009. Unconfirmed reports surfaced suggesting her condition has deteriorated significantly: New York Daily News.

See photos and watch Farrah Fawcett cancer update video.

farrah fawcettfarrah fawcettffarrah fawcettfarrah fawcettfarrah fawcettfarrah fawcett

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Photos: www.wenn.com

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17 Responses to “Farrah Fawcett Cancer Update”

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  1. 1
    Michelle Jones Says:

    i would like to email Farrah and Ryan O’Neal for prayer for her health situation. how can i contact them? i have left my email for them to contact me. i am a pastor and pastor’s wife in san antonio texas.

  2. 2
    James Giardina Says:

    To all the people that love Farrah, please pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet for the sick and the dieing. Ryan, please have your priest give farrah the Anionting of the sick. We love you farrah and Ryan, may the saints and the angels be with you.

  3. 3
    JUDY Says:


  4. 4
    Judy and Laurie Says:

    Dear Farrah,

    My sister and I have a powerful gift from God of healing. We have seen brain dead people healed, as well as many who have been completely healed from other diseases such as cancer. We would like to pray for you. All God looks for is faith and we would be willing to come and pray for you and annoint you with oil because we do believe you do have faith to believe. And it does not matter how sick you are.

    Praying for you in Canada,

    Laurie and Judy

  5. 5
    Islam Says:

    convert to islam and read quraan.

  6. 6
    Phil Says:

    Dendreon corp. Has very Promising Immunotherapies n their pipeline, and one that has passed 3 Phase III trials. The FDA needs to stop giving in to the chemo cartel and approve provenge now to stop the suffering of cancer patients.

    God Bless,

  7. 7
    Gil G. Says:


    I have prayed for you and God has taken matters into his hands. Please look for a miracle!

  8. 8
    Mark Says:

    My prayers are with you Farrah, Thank you Ryan for being at her side and giving her support and a hand to hold. God bless you both Mark

  9. 9
    Fran Says:

    Dear Farrah,

    Your documentary moved me very much. I know that you are a Catholic and I am praying exclusively to Pope John Paul to interceed on your behalf for a miracle cure. Nothing is impossible for God to do. To me, you and Ryan are not stars, but human beings going through an awful trial. Thank you Ryan for being such a wonderful rock for Farrah to lean on and also to Alana. May God bless you all.

  10. 10
    Lois Linton Says:

    Dear Farrah: On Wed., May 20, 2009, there was an article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch about a cancer survivor who has had 5 years remission of her incurable cancer when she had only a few days or weeks to live. She had prayed to William Joseph Chaminade, the Marianist brother who had founded the order here in St. Louis, and was cured. Chaminade was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 2000 after an Argentine woman’s cure from cancer in 1991 was attributed to his intercession. He has been credited with two miracles and just needs one more to be canonized to sainthood. I would be glad to send the article if you will provide an address. Meanwhile I and my family continue to pray for brave Farrah and thank her for her courage to share her story with the world. I know some good must come from this. God bless Farrah, Ryan, her son Redmond and the families.

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