Alex Da Silva is Salsa King

April 4, 2009

Meet celebrity choreographer and famous Salsa dancer Alex Da Silva, who is the dance instructor to the stars and advisor to the show So You Think You Can Dance. See his photos, biography and video here including a fabulous mugshot pose for the LAPD.

Alex Da Salva

Alex Da Silva

He was arrested on April 4th 2009 for allegedly assaulting four of his dance students. A mughot is above if you like booking photos. Meanwhile read his biography and see pictures in happier times below, before jumping away to the shocking news. Police believe he may have lured women to his home for six years. His bail is almost $4 million dollars.

Alex Da Silva Biography

As a biography, Alex Da Silva was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His name is sometimes misspelled “Alex De-Silva”. He was a child dancer but was only introduced to Salsa dancing when he was 20 years old. From that point he developed into one of the most famous Salsa dancers in the world. This is why he is so good.

He taught 15,000 people how to dance in his San Francisco studio before relocating to Hollywood California. There he showed the moves to some of the biggest names in show business, including Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek, P. Diddy, Will Smith, and Vin Diesel.

Alex Da Silva’s reputation led to choreography contracts in the movie business and occasional acting opportunities as well in movies and commercial advertisements. You can study the details of Mr. Salsa right here.

According to police:

“The four victims in this case were all students of DeSilva at the time of the assaults. The victims alleged that he lured them to his homes in North Hollywood and Van Nuys. He then used a ruse to get them into his bedroom where he raped them.”

See more photos below and a video with hot dance partner Lauren Sanchez from So You Think You Can Dance.

Alex De Silva MugshotAlex Da SalvaAlex Da Salva
Alex Da Silva Photos

Alex Da Silva Video

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2 Responses to “Alex Da Silva is Salsa King”

  1. 1
    John Doe Says:

    [Quote]Poor children if this was true…[/Quote]

    WTF? Where in this news article does it say anything about children. It says his alleged victims where women.

    I think you have a complex.

  2. 2
    mambo anonymous Says:

    It says one of the victims was under age. Well as long as I’ve known him and the women he has tried to “lure”, they all told me the same thing about him. I’m not surprised and neither are they.
    Looks like he’ll be put away for a while. Good. Maybe someday he’ll learn to dance on-time. Geez, how can he be so famous without any rhythm.