Bruno Trailer (Video)

April 4, 2009

Here is the Bruno Trailer video. The long awaited trailer is hilarious. See photos plus the Bruno trailer video below.

Bruno Sacha Baron Cohen

Bruno aka Sacha Baron Cohen

Bruno trailer video has been making its rounds on the ‘net and from the two minutes that I’ve seen, this one is much better than Borat.

Cohen plays Bruno, a flamboyantly gay Austrian fashion reporter. In one of the clips, we see Bruno readying himself for Milan fashion week. He is dressed in a pink unitard complete with hanging genitalia (quite humorous), but instead he decides to wear a jumpsuit made completely of velcro. While in his velcro suit, he winds up getting stuck to curtains and clothes before he finds himself stumbling onto the runway of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada’s fashion show. He is fired for his shenanigans in Milan and then begins his trek to the United States to become a ‘star’.

In another scene, we see Bruno at the airport removing a baby from a cardboard box (don’t worry, there are air holes in the box – no baby was actually harmed in the filming of the movie I’m sure, ha ha) on the luggage carousel, as he too (just like Madonna and Angelina) has adopted a baby from Africa. He evidently ends up losing custody of the baby and decides to make himself out to be a ‘straight man’. He partakes in some ‘manly pastimes’ – going on a hunting trip with some men from the South and taking part in military training camp. Of course, hilarity ensues.

The movie is set to release nationwide on July 10th and has been slapped with an NC-17 rating. I can’t wait to see it!

See photos plus Bruno trailer video below.

Bruno Sacha Baron Cohen Bruno Sacha Baron Cohen Bruno Sacha Baron Cohen
Sacha Baron Cohen aka Bruno Photos

Bruno Trailer Video


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