Chase Benz Is Britney Spears Boyfriend

April 3, 2009

Is Chase Benz Britney Spears’ new boyfriend? Rumor has it that the hot back up dancer has been getting cozy with Britney, especially while her father was away on business. Read more and see photos and video for Chase here!

Chase Benz

Chase Benz

Chase Benz is rumored to be the new man in Britney Spears’ life. The back up dancer and the pop princess have been spending a lot of time together and were even spotted getting cozy at the Circus after party. According to Chase’s grandmother, Chase “just adores” Brit. Girlfriend sure does like her back up dancers!

A friend told Star magazine,

“Brit really loves the way Chase looks, and she has a thing for Southern boys with loads of charm. She’s totally into him. And being on tour again, plus having a sexy new guy to get close to, has put Brit in a great frame of mind.”

However, his mother says he has a girlfriend and doesn’t want that lifestyle;

“He’s a young man – he doesn’t want that kind of lifestyle. He’s a good kid: the real deal, and very mature for his age. He’s been brought up in the Bible belt – he just happens to be a good dancer. We’re a deeply religious family, and family is important for us.”

I hate to break it to her, but I think any 21-year-old man would love the Britney Spears lifestyle!

While we don’t have much of a biography for Chase Benz, we do know he is a 21-year-old professional dancer, who is currently Britney’s Circus tour. He also had a role in the movie, Step Up 2: The Streets.

Chase is very easy on the eyes, and his body is on point from years of dancing. He is from Tennessee, as is Brit’s first love Justin Timberlake. Chase seems like Kevin Federline and Justin Timberlake all in one – a southern boy from Tennessee, and a sexy dancer.

Time will tell with these two, but if it is true, it is nice to see Britney back in the game!

Check out more pictures along with video of Chase Benz below.

Chase BenzChase Benz 1
Chase Benz Pictures

Chase Benz Video


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9 Responses to “Chase Benz Is Britney Spears Boyfriend”

  1. 1
    Al Cooper Yuma, AZ Says:

    Havent you learned yet?, most of these guys
    want your money. I think you need to go away somwhere alone and think back on your life it looks like you attract losers who clean out your bank account and get a good lay at the same time, nothihg like being a gigalo and making millions on someone elses labor. How many millions has it cost you with K-Fed??
    I like you and want you to be happy but the way you are going you ‘ain’t’ going to make it baby

  2. 2
    x__Ellie__x Says:

    You should have a men-freezone thing where you stay away from men. Because your so glamorous and rich guys just wont be able to resist you. Look for a man that is right for you, your soulmate! Find a good guy that loves you for who you are and not just your fame and body.

  3. 3
    xCaitlinx Says:

    Britney he is sooo ugly and bold for god sake!!!
    you deserve a honest and good looking guy!!!
    dump him pleasee!!

  4. 4
    Me Says:

    She`s pretty young to be a divorced MILF…

  5. 5
    Mom Says:

    Well she made Kevin famous and rich. Why wouldn’t he try?

  6. 6
    Smart Woman Says:

    Brit when will you learn. Stop dating the help. You are acting like a hoe, again. Kevin used you and almost, well ruined your somewhat reputation. Find a man, not a little boy. You are straight from the trailer park.

  7. 7
    Mallory Says:


  8. 8
    Patrick Says:


    I’m available for coffee most evenings…..


  9. 9
    Lily Says:

    hey Britney