Steven Toliver is Jamie Foxx Stalker

April 2, 2009

Meet Steven Toliver, Jamie Foxx stalker. Toliver was arrested earlier today for allegedly stalking actor/singer/comedian Jamie Foxx. Read the rest of the story plus photos and video below.

Steven Toliver

Steven Toliver

Steven Toliver, stalker of Jamie Foxx, has been arrested. Toliver had allegedly broken into the AKA Hotel room of Jamie Foxx in Philadelphia on three separate occasions – March 22, March 27 and March 31. Foxx had been in Philadelphia filming his latest movie, Law Abiding Citizen. Ironic, eh? According to several sources, Steven Toliver appeared at Foxx’s hotel room claiming to be Beyonce’s producer.

At one point, Foxx struggled with Toliver and literally had to push the man out of his hotel room. Several days after the attempted break ins into Foxx’s room, security guards noticed Toliver yet again on the Law Abiding Citizen set and police were called. Toliver was arrested and has been charged with burglary, stalking, false imprisonment, harassment and criminal threats. The 49-year-old Toliver has a prior criminal history, having been arrested 24 times previously.

See a photo of Steven Toliver, Jamie Foxx stalker, below.

Steven Toliver
Steven Toliver Photo

Steven Toliver Video

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