Holbrook Junior-Senior High School Students Sex Tape

March 31, 2009

Three minors have been charged with filming each other having sex and distributing it to middle school students, and they are potentially facing some really serious charges. (!!!) Read the rest of the story below.

Holbrook Junior Senior High School

Holbrook Junior-Senior High School

Police in Holbrook, Mass. are investigating a fairly scandalous case. (Or maybe I’m just prudish and old fashioned.) Two minors engaged in sexual activity at home and were taped on a cell phone by a third minor. The video was then spread to students at Holbrook Junior-Senior High School.

The girl in the video is under 16, and says she has no idea she was being recorded by the cell phone. When she found out the little home movie was being circulated at the school, she went to her parents, who then went to police.

All three minors involved are being investigated. Apparently forwarding a video of this kind is called “sexting” and is a felony. Holbrook police officer Keysha Mitchell said

“Some of the kids involved could be looking at possession of child pornography, dissemination of child pornography. There’s also the possibility of statutory rape and if there’s any audio discovered on the video there’s also the possible charge of wiretapping.”

In addition to these three kids, anyone who received the video and then forwarded it to someone else may also have charges brought against them. Police are currently working on obtaining search warrants for the minor’s phone that originally recorded the video and for anyone the video was sent to. Police also plan to hold assemblies at the school to let students know what the law is concerning “sexting” and to encourage anyone who has received the video to come forward.

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