Natasha Gray is Lingerie Teacher

March 31, 2009

Meet Natasha Gray, lingerie teacher? Model and teacher are two occupations that didn’t quite blend. See photos, video and a biography here.

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Natasha Gray didn’t intend to be in the news today as the ‘lingerie teacher,’ but that’s what happened when outraged parents found out their children’s school teacher is also a part-time model with a revealing lingerie photo spread on the Internet.

The 30-year-old teacher is Head of PE and Dance at Manor Community College in Cambridge. Her modeling career not a secret; she was voted in Britain’s sexiest teacher upon winning an ITV phone-in competition in 2002, shortly before she began teaching at the school.

What causes the uproar is, as the parents characterize in a letter, is that they consider the Natasha Gray pictures ‘inappropriate’ and expressed concern that children as young as 11 had seen them. Particularly controversial is a photo that shows the teacher lying down on a bed and wearing a thong.

In response to the outrage, the school’s principal Ben Slade, has been quoted as saying that the Natasha Gray photos were a risk to the school’s improving reputation and that the ‘lingerie teacher’ will be severely reprimanded. He said:

“I knew nothing about this. It is not on the school’s internet and we have very robust policies on how staff should behave in school.

“This will certainly be dealt with most severely and will certainly be a disciplinary matter. She will be asked to take the pictures down.”

Slade went on to say that although Natasha Gray will not be suspended, he felt ‘disappointed that this member of staff has let us down.’

As a biography, Natasha Gray is 30 years old. Since 2002, she has been the Head of PE and Dance at Manor Community College in Cambridge, England. The school has 355 students whose ages range from 11 to 16. For the last two years the school has been a specialist creative and performing arts college.

In addition to winning the 2002 contest naming her Britain’s Sexiest Teacher, just two weeks before she began her teaching job at Manor Community College, Natasha Gray also entered a similar competition which pitted her against six winners from other professions to be named Britain’s Sexiest.

Regarding the competition, she said in an interview:

“It was absolutely fantastic, I had such a brilliant day. The audience was great and helped me to get into it.”

The controversial Natasha Gray lingerie photos were on the Web site but have since been removed. The page had approximately eight photos, with a caption ‘Tasha’ and stating that she was ‘willing to travel with expenses paid.’

Will Natasha Gray, ‘lingerie teacher’ find school life return to normal? Time will tell.

See more Natasha Gray photos and watch video below.

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