Joaquin Phoenix Fight Video: Miami Fan Fight

March 13, 2009

Joaquin Phoenix fight? The actor turned rapper’s performance in Miami ended in a fan fight. See photos and video here of the latest episode in the actor’s strange career transition.

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A Joaquin Phoenix Miami fan fight has put the 34-year-old Oscar nominated ‘Walk the Line’ (former?) actor in the news again. He was set for a 10p.m. appearance in Miami Beach at at LIV nightclub at Fontainebleau on March 11, 2009 and kept fans waiting until 2 a.m. when he took the stage. Phoenix donned what has become his signature look; dark suit jacket and tie, scraggly beard, unkempt hair, sunglasses held together with tape. As he began to rap, he drew mocking laughter from an audience member. Phoenix stopped his performance and confronted his heckler.

“We have a f***ing b**** in the audience.

Nodding his head while rapping to a beat, he told the man: “I’ve got $1million in the bank. What have you got b****?�?

Phoenix then leaped into the audience attempting to attack the fan turned heckler, according to eyewitnesses, one of whom is quoted as saying, “Joaquin then flipped and jumped into the crowd.”

Another eyewitness told reporters: “I saw the guy screaming at Joaquin, and Joaquin just came down.”

The Miami Beach appearance was his second performance as a rapper; his January 2009 debut in Las Vegas as a hip hop artist ended disastrously when he performed three tracks and then fell off the stage, producing video clips that have since gone viral.

Joaquin Phoenix’s brother-in-law Casey Affleck is filming a documentary about the actor’s transition to hip hop artist. He has filmed Phoenix previously in public appearances, and he was filming that night in Miami.

This continues to fuel speculation that Phoenix’s increasingly bizarre behavior may be an elaborate prank and the documentary might be a mockumentary.

“It was beyond weird, and totally part of the documentary,�? says one source who helped accommodate Phoenix and Affleck’s crew. “The guy who seemed to have no clue was the one in the audience who got picked on.�?

Phoenix made a now infamous appearance on Late Show with David Letterman on February 11, 2009, wearing the trademark look of beard, scraggly hair, suit, and he was oddly incoherent and disoriented. He had been booked on the program to promote what ostensibly is his last movie, James Gray’s Two Lovers which costars Gwyneth Paltrow. Ben Stiller parodied Joaquin Phoenix in his appearance along side Natalie Portman as a presenter at the Oscars.

While speculation continues on Joaquin Phoenix hoax, prank, or reality, the actor insists he is serious about his career change.

“There’s not a hoax. Might I be ridiculous? Might my career in music be laughable? Yeah, that’s possible, but that’s certainly not my intention.”

More photos and Joaquin Phoenix fight video of the Miami fan fight below.

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Photo by: Johnny Louis/wenn

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