Ben Cousins Is Elli Johnston Boyfriend?

February 28, 2009

Ben Cousins and model Elli Johnston were spotted leaving his Melbourne home together, while the football player’s girlfriend is out of town. Read more and see the scandalous pictures here.

Ben cousins

Ben Cousins

Of course they could have just stopped to pick something up, but the Australian media would like to think that there is some scandal to report, with football player Ben Cousins and model, Elli Johnston being photographed coming out of his Melbourne home.

This is a scandal of course because Cousins has a girlfriend, Maylea who was on a trip to Perth, and Elli has a boyfriend. So pictures hitting the net insinuating that the two spent the weekend together, is not a good look. You can check out those photos here. While we don’t have any pictures of Elli, she is a beautiful woman, and you can check out a full gallery here.

One would think that Ben would avoid scandal and controversy after his public battle with addiction. It would seem after something like that, he would lay low, so we doubt this is true.

In other Ben Cousins news, he is facing yet another set back in his professional life. Just as he was getting a fresh start on his career, the footballer was hospitalized with head trauma only a few hours after making his comeback to football on Thursday night. He was taken to Epworth Hospital for a mystery bump that left him with concussion. The champion’s sister and another friend have to rushed to be with him.

Watch Ben Cousins videos below.

Ben cousins
Ben Cousins Picture

Ben Cousins Busted Video

Ben Cousins Highlights Video

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