Rachael Ramonas: Miss Connecticut Outstanding Teen

February 25, 2009

Meet Rachael Ramonas, Miss Connecticut Outstanding Teen. The 17 year old is in the news today because of a party she threw that resulted in two-dozen teenagers charged with underage drinking.

Miss America’s Outstanding Teen

Rachael Ramonas threw a drinking party on Saturday night when her parents went out of town. After receiving an anonymous tip, Wolcott police Capt. Domenic Angiolillo, and other officers responded to the Ramonas home. The officers found beer and rum among drinking paraphernalia. Rachel told police that friends she invited, invited other people and the crowd got out of hand.

24 tickets were issued, in which the teens will have to pay a fine of $136 and have automatic 30-day suspension of driving privileges. However, most of the teens are pleading not guilty, and taking their chances in court.

“It’s not the end of the world. It’s not the crime of the century,” Angiolillo said. “It was kids being kids. She made a bad judgment call. It’s just a shame, that’s all. You have to take responsibility for your actions.”

This is big news because Rachel is Miss Connecticut Outstanding Teen, and has won a $2,000 scholarship. She obtained the scholarship by running a fundraiser for friends killed by a driver who once had a DUI, among other accomplishments.

According to the contest website, she is an honor student and wants to be a dentist. She was crowned in June 2008, and represented her state in the national pageant in August 2008. State and national pageant officials have yet to decided if she will lose her scholarship and relinquish her crown. Her reign ends in June.

You can see Rachael Ramonas pictures here.

Move video below.

Miss Connecticut 2007 Video

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