Jessica Alba Cash Warren Wedding

February 24, 2009

Cash Warren is Jessica Alba’s husband and the father of her baby daughter. The wedding took place in May 2008. All is well? See photos, video and find out more.

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Cash Warren Wiki? You will find that only the Hollywood star Jessica Alba, his wife and the actor Michael Warren, his father, have their own Wikipedia pages. You will find also that the Alba met him in 2004 during filming of ‘Fantastic Four; he was a director’s assistant. Now 30 years old, Cash Warren is also a good friend of NBA star Baron Davis as they played high school basketball together at Crossroads School in Santa Monica, California.

The private wedding took place May 19, 2008 at the Beverly Hills courthouse’s ceremony room, with no invited guests. On June 7, 2008, Alba gave birth to the couple’s first child, a girl, whom they named Honor Marie. Reportedly OK! magazine paid $1.5 million for the baby pictures.

The couple are in the news today because Jessica Alba is speaking in a new interview with Elle Magazine, revealing her protective side and concerns about maintaining her privacy in marriage to Cash Warren and in protecting her daughter from public attention.

The 27 year old ‘Sin City’ actress talks about how devastated she felt when the press leaked word of her wedding and her parents found out about her marriage from the media rather than from her.

“The person who helped us sign the documents told the press that day, so my parents found out from a reporter before we got to tell them. We were planning to take them out to dinner and tell them, but that got ruined…(I was) More hurt, probably, than anything. It’s not the first time something like that has happened. Journalists feel entitled to do whatever it takes to get a sensational story, no matter how it affects the person involved. We’re not really people, right? We’re just celebrities,

The incident has caused her to become more protective of her infant daughter, Honor Marie.

“You know, kids pick up on your energy, so the more upset you get about it, the more your kids are affected by it. But I understand how Sean Penn or Alec Baldwin knocks out somebody who’s putting a camera in their kids’ faces. I get that.”

The actress was also recently the focus of the latest airbrushing ‘controversy’ when it was revealed that her stunningly svelte body after baby had some photoshopped assistance for the 10th Anniversary ‘Club Campari’ 2009 calendar. (Nonetheless, many women would be quite thankful for the ‘unassisted’ figure.)

More photos and a video of Cash Warren and Jessica Alba are below.

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