Julia Anderson is True Beauty Winner

February 24, 2009

Meet Julia Anderson, True Beauty Winner and Miss Teen Texas USA. See her pageant photos, biography and video here. She is hot and America’s Most Beautiful Person according to one TV show!

Julia Anderson

Julia Anderson

She was named the True Beauty winner for her beauty both inside and out on the show’s finale held on February 23rd 2009. Luckily for her self-esteem, Julia beat out two dudes, one with a giant attitude problem and the other a wuss. She divided and conquered. The grand prize is $100,000 cash and her photo in People magazine’s “Most beautiful people” issue. Read way too much more.

Julia Anderson Biography

As a biography she was born July 13, 1985 in Dallas Texas, which makes her 23 year old. She currently lives in Ft. Worth Texas. Her beauty is party due to ethnicity as she is part American Indian and part a zillion other things.

She won the crown of Miss Texas Teen USA in 2002 but gave it up for an arrest and public intoxication scandal that was revealed on the True Beauty show. Nice to see that hot girls can bounce back from anything.

Speaking of bounces, we are unaware of any love interest for our True Beauty Winner so she is obviously a wholesome girl. On a more serous note, Julia gets eyelash extensions every two weeks and tans very easily when she is sweltering beneath the hot Texas sun.

She does have many interests. To complete her biography, Julia Anderson’s official occupation is listed as dancer/performer, and she has been on stage as a magician’s assistant. We hope that her special trick is making the beautiful girl disappear beneath the sheets.

Look for her image in People magazine, and meanwhile see more pictures and a video of the True Beauty winner after the jump.

Julia AndersonJulia Anderson
Julia Anderson Photos

Julia Anderson Video

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5 Responses to “Julia Anderson is True Beauty Winner”

  1. 1
    Best friends mom Says:

    The video you provide here (Masters of Horror) is NOT Julia Anderson the True Beauty winner from Fort Worth Texas. This is a mistake. Wrong Julia Anderson!

  2. 2
    PageantFan Says:

    This girl was NOT Miss Texas Teen USA. Miss Texas Teen USA 2002 was Brittany Tiner. Please check your facts next time

  3. 3
    julias aunt Says:

    You need to get your facts straight and get your eyes checked!! That girl is not Miss Teen Texas and that is not Julia in the horror flick. Get a Life!!

  4. 4
    dan Says:

    That “biography” is perhaps the most atrocious piece of “writing” I have ever had the misfortune to read.

  5. 5
    BDON Says:

    Julia Anderson was MISS TEEN TEXAS “AMERICA’ in 2002 not USA. She was never a magicician’s assistant and the photos you have of her are obviously not her. Someone here really screwed up big time. So calling this site “Right Celebrity” is a real joke. You people wouldnt know your own mother.