Angelina Jolie Reaction To Jennifer Aniston (Video)

February 23, 2009

Last night at the Oscars was the first time Brangelina and Johnnifer were in the same room together. Now, everyone is dying to know what Angelina Jolie’s reaction was to Jennifer Aniston. Well, we have the video along with pictures here!

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Jennifer Aniston Oscars

We all want to know what Angelina’s reaction to Jennifer and to be honest, it’s nothing to write home about. Although there was some tension in the room, the ladies never really crossed paths. Angelina and Brad did laugh at Jennifer and Jack Black while they presented something to do with animation. You can check out the video of Angelina’s reaction below. Really though, what did you expect – two of Hollywood’s leading ladies to throw down at a black tie affair?

As Jennifer Aniston walked on stage, they immediately shot a close-up of Angelina Jolie’s face. But other than Jennifer being a bit nervous and fumbling her lines, the whole evening went off with out a hitch. I doubt if the ladies will be planning lunch, but they have proved that Angelina and Jennifer in a room together does not equal a cat fight.

Check out the video of Angelina’s reaction to Jennifer below along with photos of both ladies at the Oscars.

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Angelina and Jennifer Oscars 2009 Pictures

Angelina Jolie Reaction To Jennifer Aniston Video


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