Colin Farrell Sex Tape: Candace Smith, Nicole Narain

February 22, 2009

Colin Farrell made a sex tape back in 2002 and he just can’t get away from it. Well, the sexy Irish bad boy with his smoldering eyes and body to die for in a sex tape? No one is wanting to forget about that video. The naughty tape features Farrell with hot Playboy Playmate Nicole Narain. She and her friend, Candace Smith were sued by Ferrel to prevent the tape from being released. Read about it below and see photos and a video.

colin farrell 28 Nicole Narain 5 Candace Smith 2

Colin Farrell – Nicole Narain – Candace Smith

Why is that Hollywood stars never learn to not to make sex tapes? They always get put on the internet and everybody talks about them and looks and snickers. Or, they get used for blackmail. Either way, its just not a real good idea to film yourself doing naughty things on tape.

This is what happened to Colin Farrell. Back in 2002, he made a VERY naughty sex tape with his girlfriend, Nicole Narain. This tape is hot. Very hot. There’s all kinds of action going on. The couple met at the Playboy Mansion after Narain had been crowned Miss January 2002. They dated for about six months and enjoyed each other very much. They stayed friends after the romance was over, right up until he was contacted by an agent telling him he was selling the tape.

It was when Farrell tried to get the tape back that their stories go in different directions. She claims that he asked for a copy of the tape and when she took it to get copied it disappeared. He claims he asked her to join with him in his effort to keep the tape from being made public. He also says she refused and was part of the plan to sell it. She says he has smeared her name by claiming she wouldn’t help him keep the tape private. She said the publicity from this has ruined her chances of a modeling career and ruined her Playboy career. How often does that happen? You know how Playboy hates nudity and all. Right?

He sued her in 2006 and things get real murky from there. What we know is that the lawsuit was dropped and the tape disappeared. Some have said they have it online, and may have, but its not anymore. There are stills here and there though. Just saying.

You may be wondering why all of this is coming up now? Well, its because Nicole Narain’s best friend and the producer of her upcoming reality show built around the Colin Farrell sex tape, Candace Smith, just got kicked off Survivor. I believe she was the second Survivor contestant kicked off this years show. Ms. Smith grew up in Dayton, Ohio and was Miss Ohio 2003. Ms. Smith was named in Farrell’s lawsuit against his former love, Narain.

Between Candace Smith being on Survivor and Narain shopping a reality series based on the sex tape, everyone is looking for the naughty x-rated video again. That thing just keeps popping up! Apparently, Farrell’s lawyers have made sure its not anywhere to be found.

Pictures of this threesome are below the fold. We also have a reading of the transcript of the sex tape below the fold.

Nicole Narain 4 Nicole Narain 3 Nicole Narain 2 Nicole Narain 1 1 Nicole Narain 1

Nicole Narain – Photos

Candace Smith 5 Candace Smith 4 Candace Smith 3 Candace Smith 1 Candace Smith

Candace Smith – Photos

colin farrell 26 colin farrell 27 colin farrell 25

Colin Farrell – Photos

Colin Farrell Sex Tape Transcript – Video


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