Emma Lahana is ‘Alien Agent’ Actress

February 21, 2009

Meet Emma Lahana. She is the star of ‘Alien Agent’ along with Billy Zane, Amelia Cooke, and Mark Dacascos. Read more about her below, see photos, and watch a video.

Emma Lahana

Emma Lahana

‘Alien Agent’ is a campy Sci-Fi action-adventure movie starring Mark Dacascos as ‘Rykker’ – a lawman from another planet tracking down fugitives. Emma Lahana plays his tag-along, ‘Julie’. And hey guys, she has a shower scene – Emma Lahana nude! Some say that’s worth watching the movie right there!

Amelia Cooke and Billy Zane are also in the movie too.

Emma Lahana Biography

Emma Kate Lahana was born on June 27, 1984 in Auckland, New Zealand so her age is 24. She is an actress and singer, and she is best known for her role as ‘Kira Ford’ on Power Rangers: Dino Thunder.

From an early age, she loved to dance and sing. She would often imitate Michael Jackson and Judy Garland. By the age of 3, she started ballet lessons.

In the year 2000, she had a year-long role on the popular New Zealand soap opera ‘Shortland Street’. In 2002, she co-starred in the Disney motion picture ‘You Wish’. For January and February of 2003, she filmed a guest starring role in the New Zealand drama series ‘Street Legal’.

In 2003, Emma played the role of Kira Ford, the Yellow Ranger, on Power Rangers Dino Thunder. In April 2005, she signed with Big Much records for New York music producer Peter Rizzo. She pulled out of the deal, later explaining that she realized acting was what she wanted to do and that her experience made her take acting more seriously.

Emma has appeared in a number of TV shows including: Stargate Atlantis-Outcast, Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, and Kyle XY.

She made her film debut in the 2007 release, Alien Agent and Bring it on Cinco, 2009.

Emma currently resides in Vancouver, B.C. For awhile, she dated Brandon Jay McLaren (Red SPD Ranger), whom she met during filming of the teamup episodes with the SPD cast. They remain friends.

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