Heidi Cornell Is Matchmaker Millionairess

February 19, 2009

Meet Heidi Cornell, the first female contestant on “Matchmaker Millionaire”, the reality television show the sets up the wealthy with well-suited dates. See her biography, photos and video here.

Patti Stanger

Matchmaker Millionaire Patti Stanger

Heidi’s episode of “Matchmaker Millionaire” aired tonight on Bravo. She was the first female that host Patti Stanger has had on the show in it’s two-season history, and the boys were comin’ runnin’.

Heidi Cornell Biography

As a biography, Heidi Cornell is age 41, living in Los Angeles. She graduated in 1985 from Mark Morris High School. She founded the clothing company Young, Fabulous and Broke after working in the fashion industry for a few years. Heidi started out as a Calvin Klein sales rep, but she quickly moved on to product development for major clothing brands. Now she is the CEO of her own company, which just launched a t-shirt line called 32 Flavors.

Patti was hesitant about taking on Heidi, because millionairesses are “never satisfied”. Another trick to the puzzle: she has a two-year-old daughter. Eventually the staff convinced her, and Patti was on the hunt for a man for Heidi. Of being on the show, Heidi, says,

“I had already settled down with the fact that I would probably never find love in Los Angeles. … After (age) 35 in this town, it’s over. I work quite a bit. It’s difficult to date in Los Angeles if you hit a certain age. … If they’re the same age that I am, they’re looking for younger girls.?

Although a little embarrassed, Heidi still invited 50 of her friends over to watch tonight’s episode. Even her parents flew in.

See more photos of Patti Stanger and the video from “Millionaire Matchmaker” below.

Patti Stanger 1 Patti Stanger 2 Patti Stanger 3

Patti Stanger Photos

Photos: wenn.com

Heidi Cornell Video – “Millionaire Matchmaker”

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