Pictures of Rihanna Injuries, Rihanna Tattoos

February 19, 2009

rihanna 4

There have been many fake pictures, now the real photo of Rihanna injuries has leaked showing Rihanna tattoos and a battered woman. TMZ

The Rihanna injury / Chris Brown assault story gets worse. Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office requests that Chris Brown be investigated for felonies including domestic violence, assault resulting in great bodily injury and—based on specific allegations made by Rihanna—attempted murder.

Rihanna is People Magazine cover story. Her relatives say Chris Brown “flew so far under everyone’s radar that we just didn’t think he was that [abusive] type.�? People

Rihanna’s record sales skyrocket in the aftermath…up 33 percent. Brown Sista

Mayra Veronica, Miss U.S.O. is the favorite pinup girl of the American military. See photos and video of the gorgeous, raven haired Cuban born model who has been on FHM’s ‘top 100 sexiest women in the world’ for three years in a row.

Benjamin Bronfman, a.k.a. Benjamin Brewer, is a musician and the fiance “Paper Planes�? rapper MIA. The couple just had their first child.

Find out who race car driver Danica Patrick wants to play her in a movie. (Hint: Jennifer Aniston is “too old”). US Weekly

Beyonce has trademarked Sasha Fierce. Perez Hilton

Jay-Z on Rihanna: “You have to have compassion for others. Just imagine it being your sister or mom and then think about how we should talk about that…” People

Watch video: sources claim Rihanna loves Chris Brown, even after the assault.


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23 Responses to “Pictures of Rihanna Injuries, Rihanna Tattoos”

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  1. 1
    alexus Says:

    you are so stupied you should have beat his ass

  2. 2
    puertorican_princess Says:

    First off if ur blamin tmz for stealin then y u on here dumb f##ks…..ur obviously on here 4 a reason and that’s to snoop. Newayz damn I hope Chris Brown gets what’s comin to him he obviously aint a man………….what an a$$hole a man should never lay his hands on a woman and I don’t feel bad neither cus he knew he was in the spotlight

  3. 3
    Aisha Says:

    Why is everyone jumping to a conclusion before you even know what happened?? I thought the ‘American way’ of being innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around? I mean if everyone can rally around OJ, R Kelly and Micheal Jackson, why can’t we wait for everything to come out in court? Like, what if CB where your brother, would you just say what a this & that, or would you want to know the whole truth? Probably not, people judge so much until it effects them personally.

  4. 4
    didilicious Says:

    I don’t know y Rihanna didn’t give him a real West Indian type beating or perhaps her brothers need to find him wherever he at!!!!

  5. 5
    Alexa Says:

    I wonder what Rihanna said to Chris right before she got smacked.

  6. 6
    katerina Says:

    I’m sorry about what happened to you.
    he deserve to go to the prison. you are my favourite singer.

  7. 7
    DIANA Says:

    Chris dose’nt deserve to be put bhind bar’s. The only thing that matter’s is if Rihanna forgive’s him. Rihanna i begg u plz dont let Chris be put behind bar’s. Rihanna i luk up 2 u 2 because you guys are my favorite idol’s so i luk up to u 2 because i want 2 be just like you and Chris with a good carrer. One more thing hopefully u find it in your heart to forfive Chris for what he did 2 u and as soon as you heal off you look prettyer than u usally do !!! PLZ FOR GIVE CHRIS FOR WHAT HE DID TO YOU I BEGG YOU PLZ PLZ PLZ !!!!!

  8. 8
    Christy Says:

    First off I would like to say to everyone that is reading my comment, if people would mind their on d*** business this world would be a better place. I like Chris Brown but when the truth comes out in the open I hope he get what he deserves. If the rumor is true that Rihanna gave him herpes my best saying that I love to say is ” He should have wrapped it up”. My mother always told me everything that glitters isn’t gold. Damn Chris Brown I thought you we’re smarter than that. Now you have something that you can’t get rid of. But to make it short he had NO business putting his hands on her. I think a man that hits a woman is less of a man and I call those kind of men COWARDS!!!

  9. 9
    johnny Says:

    obviously something went down to provoke chris brown to strike her..hats a given..Bt then why hasnt any exclusive news come out yet, if it were truly that obvious i believ chris brown would have come out and admitted it to the public by now because even if he does go to jail he will probably just bail himself out irght away anyway, and rhianna has not made any direct stements on what has happened yet either, so before people go and start judging the other artist, let the things unfold and then once all the information is accuarte, then you can share your individual opinions

  10. 10
    Gabrielle Says:

    Chris brown should be ashamed of himself. I was a fan before, not anymore. Any celebrity, better yet any man, who would put his hands on a women is low down coward. Whats worse is that people will continue to love him and support him. The public saddens me.

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