Danny Moder Is Julia Roberts Husband

February 19, 2009

Meet Danny Moder husband of Hollywood star Julia Roberts and father of the couple’s three children. See photos, video and a biography here of the man who captured the heart and love of “Pretty Woman” Roberts.

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Daniel Moder is a camera operator whom Julia Roberts met during the shooting of the movie ‘The Mexican.’ The couple married in 2002. He is in the news today because his wife, Julia Roberts celebrates the couples’ happy home life in an interview in the March 2009 issue of Allure Magazine. The actress is stunningly beautiful at 41 and she credits her husband.

‘The key to beauty is always to be looking at someone who loves you, really.

‘One of my favourite things about my children right now, even Henry, who can’t say all the words… sometimes he’ll see me and go, “Ma-ma!” and throw himself on me. Or Finn says he likes my earrings. Or Hazel will say, “You look pretty, Mama,” first thing in the morning.

‘And I realise, that’s all my husband. They’re seeing the things that he does and the way that he shares his feelings with me, and the way that I share my feelings with him.

‘The coolest thing you can do for your children is to love each other in their presence.’

Julia Roberts’ kids and her happiness with her husband makes for an uplifting story and wonderful pictures. The actress is an enthusiastic mother who does not seem to have missed her time away from the big screen as much as her fans. For a decade, she was the most powerful and influential actress in Hollywood. Now she returns in March 2009 in the espionage thriller ‘Duplicity,’ written and directed by Tony Gilroy, (‘Michael Clayton’) in which she reunites with her 2004 ‘Closer’ co-star Clive Owen.

As a biography, Danny Moder was born on January 31, 1969, Los Angeles, California. His age is 40. His given name is Daniel Richard Moder and professionally, he is also known as Daniel Moder and Dan Moder. He is the son of producer Mike Moder.

As a camera operator, he worked on numerous movies including The Mexican, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Freedomland and Spider-Man. His credits as director of photography (cinematographer) include Roadie, Border and The Brass Teacup.

Danny Moder was previously married for five years to makeup artist Vera Steimberg. He divorced her only a month before marrying Julia Roberts. The two met on the set of ”The Mexican’ in 2001 and became romantically involved shortly after Roberts’ ended her four-year relationship with actor Benjamin Bratt.

Danny Moder and Julia Roberts married on July 4, 2002 at Roberts’ New Mexico estate. In an interview on ‘Good Morning America,’ later that year, the actress famously expressed her great passion for her husband.

‘I hope that there are people who agree that I have done some good, kind things in my life, but to really, ultimately, stand fully in a moment of realizing that I was born to love and to be the wife of this man,” Roberts said. ”He is formidable. He is a man among men, unselfish and all-encompassing. He stands by the choices he made. He will never blame it on somebody else, and I have never seen anybody else do that.”

Nearly seven years and three children later, the couple are still happily together. The fraternal twins Hazel Patricia Moder and Phinnaeus Walter Moder were born on November 28, 2004 and the couple’s third child, a son, Henry Daniel Moder, was born on June 18, 2007. Pictures of Julia Roberts children are rare, but she is quick to talk about them, as mentioned above.

The couple have also collaborated professionally. Julia Roberts had a small role in the family drama ‘Fireflies in the Garden.’ The independent film was made on a slim $10 million budget with Dennis Lee making his directorial debut and Danny Molder serving as as director of photography.

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