What Happened to Bucky Covington?

February 17, 2009

Tonight on “American Idol”, Brent Keith sang the country song “Hick Town”, trying to show fans who he really is and take them back to his roots. Although the performance received pretty good reviews from Randy, Kara, and of course Paula, Simon wasn’t sold. Paula had compared Keith to Josh Gracin, Bo Bice and Bucky Covington, in the end saying “look what happened to Bucky Covington.” This statement prompted Simon Cowell to say, “What DID happen to Bucky Covington”, and then went on to say that Paula’s statement said it perfectly, calling Keith’s rendition of “Hick Town” “forgettable”. So it begs the question, what did happen to Bucky Covington?

Bucky Covington

Bucky Covington

So, to answer Simon’s question, here is the latest in Bucky Covington news. Today he launched a USO tour, starting in Kosovo and traveling to Germany from there. He’s excited at the chance to meet the soldiers and see the world,

“I’ve been looking forward to doing a USO tour for a very long time. To be able to perform for and meet the men and women who serve our country is a great honor. I’m also really excited to bring a little bit of home to our troops overseas, and since this will be my first trip outside the U.S., except for a short visit to Jamaica, I know it’ll be a big adventure.”

Bucky Covington Biography

As a biography, Bucky Covington was born on November 8, 1977, so his age is 31. He grew up in Rockingham, North Carolina with his twin brother, Rocky. He bought his first guitar after high school and taught himself how to play. The musically-inclined up-and-comer also plays the bass and drums. He worked in his dad’s auto body shop and played as many shows as he could land.

Bucky got his big break on season 5 of the hit reality television show, “American Idol”. Though he finished 8th, he went on to score a record deal and make a go of it in the country music industry. After his final appearance on the show, he got several phone calls with offers of record deals. In the end, he went with O-Seven Artist Management, who handles Sawyer Brown. His self-titled debut album hit shelves April 17, 2007, debuting at #1 on the country charts.

Bucky gives his success up to the idea of what goes around comes around, saying,

“It’s the karma thing. I’ve always believed in treating people well anybody and everybody and I try to live by the Golden Rule. And I think a lot of it came back to me.”

See more photos of Bucky Covington and a video below.

Bucky Covington 1 Bucky Covington 2 Bucky Covington 3 Bucky Covington 4 Bucky Covington 5

Bucky Covington Photos

Photos: wenn.com

Bucky Covington Video – “A Different World”

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6 Responses to “What Happened to Bucky Covington?”

  1. 1
    diver Says:

    Thank you for this excellent answer about Bucky Covington. I certainly hope Simon reads this.

  2. 2
    Kerri Says:

    Thank you so much!!! I am so glad that Simon mentioned Bucky’s name, wow! I have his first CD and I hear he has another release on the way. Can’t wait! Go Bucky!

  3. 3
    Dixiegirl Says:

    Thanks for letting Simon and others know what has happened so far to Bucky Covington. He has realeased 3 singles from his debut cd and all three went top 10, he made two videos for those singles that were wildly popular and he has been touring all over the US for two years now. He has been recording his sophmore cd and is about to release the first single from that. Wow, Bucky has been busy. You would think Simon, being in the business, would have known that.

  4. 4
    Robin Says:

    Thanks for letting everyone know the answer to Simons question….To further answer it….Bucky had the top selling album of any debut artist in 2007, He’s very, very close to hitting Gold with that album (a hard feet with the slump in cd sales for a debut album)and the most important thing of all, Bucky has been making his way across the country and now the ocean, warming the hearts of thousands with his great music, fantastic stage show and most importantly, his friendly nature and good heartedness.

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    Cassata Says:

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