Muzzammil Hassan Wife Aasiya Hassan Beheaded

February 17, 2009

Muzzammil Hassan has reportedly beheaded his wife, Aasiya Hassan. Muzzammil turned himself in to the police last week, saying that his wife was dead at the Bridges TV station where they couple both worked. Read more and see photos along with video here.

aasiya hassan
Muzzammil Hassan and Aasiya Hassan

Muzzammil Hassan is a 44-year-old Television executive who founded Bridges TV, in hopes of projecting a more positive light on the Muslim culture. Hassan was the chief executive officer and Aasiya Hassan was the general manager. However, things took a turn for the worse in the couples marriage. Aasiya had filed for divorce on February 6, and the court had granted a protection order to prevent Muzzammil from entering their house. Aasiya’s divorce lawyer, said there had been domestic violence in the past and her sister believes she was on the phone with Aasiya while she was being murdered. Asma Firfirey lives in Cape Town, South Africa, says she was on the phone with her sister last week when she heard Aasiya tell her husband to calm down, and told him that they could talk about their divorce the next day. Then she heard what sounded like her sister struggling to breathe.

Although many sources report that Muzzammil has confessed, Hassan only told Orchard Park police his wife was dead, and led officers to her body. Hassan was then arrested and charged with second-degree murder. Many speculate that this was an “honor kill,? as a woman divorcing her husband is not permitted in the Muslim culture. Chesler, author of “Are Honor Killings Simply Domestic Violence?” tells Fox that some Muslim men consider divorce a dishonor on their family.

“This is not permitted in their culture. This is, from a cultural point of view, an honor killing…Leaving the body parts displayed the way he did, like a terrorist would do, that’s very peculiar, it’s very public. He wanted to show that even though his business venture may have been failing, that he was in control of his wife.”

The Bridges TV website has posted the following statement: “Bridges TV is deeply shocked and saddened by the murder of Aasiya (Zubair) Hassan and subsequent arrest of Muzzammil Hassan. Our deepest condolences and prayers go out to the families of the victim. We request that their right to privacy be respected.?

See more photos and video of Muzzammil Hassan and Aasiya below.

Muzzamil Hassan 1aasiya hassanMuzzamil Hassan
Muzzammil Hassan and Aasiya Hassan Pictures

Aasiya Hassan Beheaded Video

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5 Responses to “Muzzammil Hassan Wife Aasiya Hassan Beheaded”

  1. 1
    Asem Al Masri Says:

    Orchard Park Police Chief Andrew Benz said Hassan has not confessed to the crime, despite media reports to the contrary.

    Go to FoxNews by the link below:,2933,494785,00.html

  2. 2
    Myra Says:

    He is a sick man. Period. I don’t understand why he will only be charged with second degree murder, instead of first degree. He should pay for his sins. Death penalty by firing squad in front of the public and televised by Bridge TV. That is what you call justice. Muslim men like him should be sent back to the desert land.

  3. 3
    gulzar khan Says:

    This crazy man has killed his estranged wife and there has been no background to the brutality. i dont know why Islam is being brought in. The customs prevalent in a society where women are maltreated are not in accordance with the teachings of quraan. Can some one tell me where in the Quraan or sunna , allah or Holy prophet has allowed Muslims to kill their wives?

  4. 4
    Daniela A Says:

    As tragic as this story is I have a few points to make. 1ST domestic violence is worldwide and without boundaries. 2ND domestic violence touches all lives either religious, social, economic, etc. 3RD Allah does not teach us to harm each other. He does outline how we as people should be respectful towards one another. 4TH many inter-mingle culture and religion and that in itself is worldwide. LAST I as a domestic violence survivor knows far too well the difficulties place upon women/mothers/sisters who are in horrible circumstances to get the help they need. This is not a time to speak ill of the dead nor anyone’s religion. Thank you.

  5. 5
    10TopAntivirus Says:

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