Jennifer Metcalfe is Jermaine Pennant’s Girlfriend

February 16, 2009

‘Hollyoaks’ actress Jennifer Metcalfe is back together again with footballer Jermaine Pennant. Read more about Jennifer and Jermaine, see photos, and watch a fun video below.

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Jermaine Pennant and Jennifer Metcalfe

Jennifer Metcalfe, one of the stars of the popular British teen soap ‘Hollyoaks,’ and Jermaine Pennant, the British footballer, are back together again after splitting up last summer. It seems Jermaine has broken off his engagement with model Amii Grove saying he just ‘couldn’t give her what she wanted’. Well, that’s probably a good reason to break up!

Jennifer and Jermaine were seen together on Valentine’s Day holding hands, canoodling, and going into the Funky Buddha nightclub in London. Jennifer was dressed in a very tiny all-black dress with well-over-the-thigh-high boots. Jermaine dressed in a grey shirt, jeans and a pair of military-style boots. You can go here to see photos of how nice they looked together as well as a very sexy pic of Jermaine’s ex, Amii Grove.

Jennifer Metcalfe Biography

Jennifer Metcalfe was born on September 16, 1983 in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England so her age is 25. She is a gorgeous actress and model and is best known for playing the maneater ‘Mercedes McQueen’ in the popular British teen soap ‘Hollyoaks’. She is also the girlfriend of Jermaine Pennant the Liverpool Footballer who is currently on loan to Portsmouth.

Jennifer has been acting since she was 12 years old and attended the Scala Kids drama school in her hometown of West Yorkshire. She has a degree in Health and Fitness though she believes acting is what she wants to do for a career.

Before landing her role in ‘Hollyoaks’ – for which she has been nominated for multiple British Soap Awards – she appeared in several British TV shows including the comedy ‘My Parents Are Aliens’ and dramas ‘Where The Heart Is’ and ‘At Home With The Braithwaites.’ She also played a role in the British soap ‘Emmerdale.’

Jennifer Metcalfe is dating Jermaine Pennant. The couple first got together in November 2007 and split up several times before breaking up last summer. Following their breakup, Jennifer shocked fans by losing a lot of weight, but has recently bounced back to a healthier frame after admitting she had become too thin.

Jennifer now feels confident with her body, saying she is not too thin or too big. The only part of her body she hates is her bum, which she describes as ‘having a life of it’s own’.

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Jennifer Metcalfe Photos

Jennifer Metcalfe Video


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