Kathy Kane: Lesbian Batwoman

February 14, 2009

Meet Kathy Kane, the alter ego of Batwoman, the first openly gay superhero in the DC Comic universe. Find out more about the red-haired crime fighter and see a video.

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Kathy Kane was simultaneously introduced and outed in 2006 as a lesbian socialite by day and crime fighting vigilante by night. Now the character is in the news because she is set to take over as the main character in the Detective Comics series for at least 12 issues. The first issue is set to appear in June 2009. Yes, Batwoman will respond to the Bat Signal and ride the Batmobile.

Fans of the series saw Batman, its previous main character, killed in November 2008 by a fireball. Batman and his alter ego, multimillionaire Bruce Wayne, debuted in 1937 in Detective Comics. The comic book universe being what it is, with septuagenarian characters who are brazenly ageless, death is not necessarily a permanent state.

Greg Rucka, DC Comics writer and creator of the new Batwoman noted that her lesbianism is, like her being a redhead, simply “an element of her character,” but he is braced for the attention the character’s sexual orientation brings.

“I think there is going to be some media – I can’t control it.

“You’ve got to remember, Wonder Woman got a haircut and that became news. So it will be what it is. Our job is to make the best issues of Detective that we can.”

The character has already had far more media attention that is typical of comic book characters, as major media outlets in the U.S., the U.K, Australia and worldwide have reported on the story. Comic books, graphic novels and the multimedia franchises which they spawn are a far cry from the quainter times which saw the establishment, in the U.S., of The Comic Book Code of 1954. Comic books, like rock and roll, were seen as a bad influence on the youth.

As a biography, Kathy Kane is so named in honor of the original (Silver Age) Batwoman, who made her debut in the Batman series in 1956 and was killed off in 1979. The original character, known variously as Katherine Kane and sometimes nicknamed Kate was the girlfriend of Batman and her presence in the series was, in part, to quell rumors of Batman’s sexual orientation.

As the new Batwoman, Kathy Kane is five-foot-ten and a redhead. The curvaceous superhero wears a skin tight black costume and knee-high red boots with stiletto heels. She was revealed a former lover of Gotham City police detective Renee Montoya upon her first appearance in 2006. Since then, she has made cameo appearances in the Detective Comics series.

She is not the only openly gay superhero. Just travel to the other comic book universe, that of the DC competitor, Marvel Comics, and you will find Thom Creed, created by none other than the legendary Stan Lee, creator of Spider-Man, Incredible Hulk, and the X-Men.

Here are images of Kathy Kane Batwoman. Video is below.

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