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February 13, 2009
Myspace Animated graphic

Myspace Valentine’s day graphics and layouts are all the rage today. Check out some of the best places to get unique graphics and animations to drop comments on all your friends’ pages. Photos of our favorites here!

Myspace graphics and layouts are the hot commodity today. Everyone wants to change their layout and leave Valentine’s Day comments on all their friends’ pages. Myspace is definitely recession friendly, especially during any kind of holiday. You can post a sexy glitter graphic or comment on a friend’s page and let them know you are thinking of them with out spending a dime. You can also be festive by getting a Valentine’s Day layout, also free.

One of the tiny problems is stumbling across all those places that take you 1000 other places, and have either 15 crappy comments and graphics, or nothing at all. I have selected my favorite Myspace graphic, animation, and layout sites that are legit and awesome. Check them out below! I gotta go change my layout now!

The best animated graphics. Everything from sweet and sappy to sexy and raunchy.

This site has tons of large, glitter comments and graphics. Very pretty.

This site has graphics with Valentines Day poems, and sweet sayings. It also has fantastic flash layouts, which are super fun.

This site has everything from sweet to funny, and has quite a large selection – 43 pages of comment graphics alone!!

Linkin Park Valentine’s Day Lyrics Video

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