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February 15, 2009

Ayda Field and her hot boyfriend, british pop singer Robbie Williams, spent a romantic Valentine’s Day watching football – in England. Read more about it below, see photos, and watch a fun video.

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Ayda Field

Ayda Field, 29, and boyfriend Robbie Williams, 35, spent Valentine’s Day (and his birthday) in England watching Williams’ favorite football team Port Vale play Brentford. You can see the photos here. I just hope that Robbie Williams had the good sense to do something a bit more romantic with Ayda after the game — something with a bit of candlelight and champagne maybe?

Robbie recently moved back home to Britain after living in the United States for about six years — something he had apparently been thinking about for a long time. The gossip rags have said this move back to England has caused friction between the couple, but Robbie’s friends are saying that he has been miserable without Ayda since his return. His sister even expects that Ayda will be moving to England as well even though she has lots of work available to her in Hollywood.

She’ll most likely ‘commute’ like others before her such as Gwyneth and Madonna. She should be very happy with Robbie’s new home in Wiltshire, England. The property, set in 71 acres, features a tennis court, sauna and swimming pool complex, seven bedroom suites, eight bathrooms, a gym, two staff flats and a helicopter hangar. Nice!

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