Ilya Dall is Roberto Alomar AIDs, HIV Accuser

February 11, 2009

Meet Ilya Dall, Roberto Alomar’s girlfriend who claims he gave her the HIV virus and was gay-raped as a young man. The Roberto Alomar AIDs story is rocking the sport world today, so let us get to the bottom of it. See photos, court filing, biography and video here.

Ilya Dall

Ilya Dall: Alomar Gave Me Aids

Around the web, reactions range from anger to disbelief to incredulity. Obviously Alomar deserves his day in court. If the claims of every harlot were true, all the players would be broke with child-support payments and other settlements. Nevertheless Ilya Dall is very specific in her claims of a Roberto Alomar HIV problem. And she isn’t a harlot.

From our friends at Bitten and Bound:

Dall’s lawyer, Anthony J. Piacentini, filed the $15 million lawsuit in State court in Queens last month but has now submitted additional paperwork to have the case moved to Brooklyn Federal court. Dall is alleging that Alomar exhibited many of the symptoms of AIDS as early as 2004 and ignored the advice of medical professions who suggested that he be tested for the condition.

As a biography we know very little about Ilya Dall except that she is a mother herself and very pretty as you can see from her Facebook page website above. She was the ex-girlfriend of Alomar back in the day. She is from Queens New York.

From Bumpshack, we get the scandalous details contained in the lawsuit. Shocking details:

According to Ilya Dall, Roberto confessed he had been raped “by two Mexican men after playing a ballgame in New Mexico or a Southwestern state when he was 17,? the suit says, but he continued denying he was HIV-positive even when his health started to decline.

Alomar himself has hall of fame credentials after playing 17 seasons at second base. He won 10 Gold Gloves winner and is considered one of the best defensive second basemen in history who also carried a potent bad. Despite all of that, he will also be remembered before today for spitting in the face of an umpire after a call he didn’t like, an event which got him suspended by the league. That umpire must feel more uncomfortable today.

From Deadspin quoting the lawsuit:

Ilya Dall tells a tale of how she watched Alomar suffer from deteriorating health until, in February of 2006, his “skin had turned purple, he was foaming at the mouth and a spinal tap showed he had full-blown AIDS.” That was four years after he had begun dating her.

We are still looking for more Ilya Dall pictures other than the one below. If you have any, please discuss in the comments or write the editors. Photos and a video are after the jump.

Ilya Dall
Ilya Dall Photos

AIDs Video

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    Yanni Says:

    Sure, he was raped by two Mexican men?? What an ugly, disgusting man who had it all and blew it out of sheer ungratefulness!!!