Pia Glenn Is Salman Rushdie Girlfriend

February 10, 2009

Meet Pia Glenn, the Broadway actress who has become celebrated British Indian author Salman Rushdie’s girlfriend. See photos, video and a biography the statuesque beauty here.

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Yes, the 61-year-old, four-time married and divorced author has a hot date. Not only does Pia Glenn tower over him on the red carpet (she is an impressive 6’1″ tall) she is also stealing the show as a lap-dancing Condoleezza Rice in red panties in Will Ferrell’s Broadway play “You’re Welcome America: A Final Night With George W. Bush.” The scene that has everyone talking is a fanciful takeoff of just how close unmarried former Secretary of State Rice was to her boss. Speculation went rampant in 2004 with Rice’s infamous Freudian slip.

[Condoleezza Rice] reportedly began a story with, “As I was telling my husb …,” and then stopped herself abruptly before resuming, “As I was telling President Bush.”

Glenn takes it to the next level, as she slides seductively around Bush – legs splayed – and he warms his hands off the heat from her red panties.

Salman Rushdie–who rose to fame with his internationally bestselling 1988 novel ‘The Satanic Verses’ that put his life in jeopardy when Islamic fundamentalist leader Ayatollah Khomeini declared the book blasphemous and issued a fatwa (death sentence) against him– accompanied Pia Glenn to the Broadway play’s opening night party at Mansion in New York.

But are they dating? Here’s what the renown author had to say about the actress who was a full seven inches taller than he (as she was wearing four-inch heels) and all of 29 years younger when The New York Daily News asked him if they were dating.

“I don’t know,�? he said. “What would you call it?�?

Well, we knew what we’d call him: lucky.

“That’s a good word,�? he agreed. “She’s unbelievably talented. She’s a show-stopper, isn’t she?�?

The reader is invited to check out photos here of Pia Glenn both as Rushdie’s date and as the fantasy Condi Rice so as to agree or disagree with his assessment.

As a biography, Pia Glenn is 32 years old. She was born in Long Island, New York. She is six-foot-one according to some sources and six-feet-tall according to others. Either way, that’s Amazonian. She attended New York University. She is a singer as well as an actress who made her Broadway debut in ‘Kat and the Kings.’ She began to draw attention and critical acclaim when she starred as The Lady of the Lake in the Broadway production of Monty Python’s Spamalot. She has made appearances in other theater productions which include The Frogs, Hair and Man of La Mancha. Her TV appearances include Presidio Med, Suffer Unto Me the Children, and Hannah Montana.

She first met Salman Rushdie (who was most recently involved with Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi), when she went to dinner at Monty Python Eric Idle’s home in Los Angeles and he was among the guests. She knew of the author and of the dramatic story of his years of hiding from Islamic fundamentalists eager to carry out the fatwah.

“I don’t get intimidated by people,�? she said. “I just like cool people. We sat next to each other and just talked and talked and talked.�?

More photos and video of Pia Glenn are below.

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Photos: PR Photos

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2 Responses to “Pia Glenn Is Salman Rushdie Girlfriend”

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    Ava Says:

    Pia seems like a really cool person, but what is up with those eyebrows? I’ve seen only one picture with her in which her makeup (and eyebrows) were natural and she looked 100 times prettier. She must have gotten too used to her stage makeup and uses it in her daily life. It looks terrible–like a drag queen!

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