Chris Brown Mug-Shot, Arrest Video, Jail Photo Frenzy

February 14, 2009

Here is the arrest video of Chris Brown, arrested on Sunday night for allegedly hitting Rihanna, the famed singer whose birth-name is Robyn Fenty. See the video as the world awaits the mug-shot picture which has sparked an internet frenzy in the last 24 hours. Chris Brown gets arrested in the aftermath of the altercation.

Chris Brown Mug

Brown will appear in court on March 5th to face charges. He was booked into the Los Angeles Wilshire police department jail on February 8th, 2009, and released on $50,000 bail. The booking against him is making a “criminal threat” which is a felony. The possible prison term is longer than domestic violence, which is perhaps why the DA went with a bigger charge for now.

The actual charges against Chris Brown could change based on a variety of factors including Rihanna’s cooperation with police. Reports are that after initially cooperating on Sunday, she is no longer helpful. We do not know if that is true but she must fear for his future.

Meanwhile the LAPD withheld the Chris Brown mug-shot, but we will have it below when/if available. We are confident that The Smoking Gun, harbinger of celebrity mug shots gone wild will have the elusive image. And if they do not have it first, chances are that TMZ will be all over it. Or just check back here later because we will post it as available.

As an update to this story, it turns out that the world may never see the elusive mug shot picture. The LAPD does not release such devices unless it can assist in the investigation. He already turned himself in. If the altercation was handled by the country, or by a surrounding city, no problem. Our hunch is it will appear someday, but do not bank on it.

Chris Brown Arrest Video

Picture: PR Photos

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28 Responses to “Chris Brown Mug-Shot, Arrest Video, Jail Photo Frenzy”

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  1. 1
    nachi Says:

    omg! i CANT belive that chris brown would do something like this! never thought anyone like him would, but then again….here it is. but really no one knows anything.. like i know that what he did was wrong. REALLY REALLY WRONG! but we still dont know what got him started.
    if it was just because he was mad at Rihanna then that’s a very bad excuse. but if he was just trying to defind him self from her, then well who knows…but thats still no excuse for brakeing her jaw. i think that he should spend sometime…but really i think he learnd his lesson. think about it….his a pop-star. that had so manythings waiting for him ahead, and now everything is going down hill for him. its going to take so long for him to get back up there. [IF] he can get back up there. well i really shouldnt say much because idk the whole story…anyways this is just my thinking…but if others agree with me…GREAT!!!
    anyways…..thats all i had to say…
    BYE!!! <3

  2. 2
    land Says:

    domestic abusers dont learn their lessons until they get some serious help or someone beats it into them.

    some people are naive to think a “pop-star” is above violence and ignorance. Jerry Lee Luis married his 15 year old cousin. Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones had sex with 18 year old teen star Mackenzie Philips. Axel Rose of Guns and Roses beat up his now divorced wife and Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols stabbed his girlfriend Nancy Spungeon to death in 1979.

  3. 3
    LUIS Says:

    “violence is as american as cherrie pie”

    -h. R. Brown

  4. 4
    pbicb Says:

    “chris wat do you think there gna do 2 u” lol how stupid what did they think he was going 2 roll down his window and answer them or something???? anyway chris i’m praying you have an explanation for all of this and for some miraculous reason you didn’t actually do it but its looking less and less likely so i’m trying to come to terms with the fact that the boy i loved so so so much for so long beat up a woman even if it was one i hated still not right bt chris if YOU give a PROPER apology with YOUR words then i’m willing to forgive and love you again as long as i feel you are genuinly trying to become a better person out of it!

  5. 5
    Natasha Says:

    omg! oh my gosh i cant belive chirs (hes a hottie) that he beated up rihanna shes a hottie 2 y did he do this what was he thinking well i dont know what happend so………………..idk well anyways he was thinking stupid and yeah well he shouldent beated up her because was he mad at her or somthing idk so ppl anyway bye ppl!…………………

  6. 6
    Majai Says:

    OMFG Chris is a human! Nobody knows what really happened and I mean it’s not that big of a deal bcuz thousands of people get abuse everyday!!! This is nothing new at all…..!! I don’t care about wat happened….I am still a fan of chris brown’s and nuthin is gonna change how I feel!! Although I hope Rihanna cum back 10 times better than b4!!

  7. 7
    shazza Says:

    i dont give a f*** what they say about chris he is still my number one artist and rihanna shouldn’t have got with him anyway he is too gud for her!Dont worry chris this will be over and old news soon!
    luv ya big

  8. 8
    Gina Says:

    Omg are you serious. I was reading one of these comments and it said she could of done it to herself. That would be rediculous! She couldnt have done that i mean thats rediculos!!! And Chris Brown deserved getting arrested because you do not do that to a girl expectially if your going out with them.

  9. 9
    denise Says:

    wow rianna u got messsed up i feel so bad for u but i think u should of kept ur mouth shut u r rele dum if yaa r still togther

  10. 10
    ghght Says:

    hell no

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