Rihanna Herpes Rumor: Chris Brown STDs FALSE

February 14, 2009

Did Chris Brown give Rihanna herpes? Is this the reason for the high-profile couples breakup and recent incident of violence leading to his arrest? The answer appears to be no, and no. The rumors sweeping the internet are lacking credibility, but that hasn’t stopped some gossip sites from reporting on them.


Rihanna Herpes from Chris Brown?

Media Takeout has done a good job of reporting on the incident Sunday night before the Grammy Awards show in which they both canceled their appearances at the last minute. Turns out the reason was for alleged domestic violence in which Chris Brown allegedly hit Robyn Fenty, whose stage name is Rihanna herself.

But herpes? The bottom line, they say, is the rumor is false as they attempt to set the record straight:

Chris did not punch Rihanna in her face because she gave him herpes. This rumor is floating around the net and it’s A LIE. Chris saw the cold sore just like the rest of us weeks ago – and it didn’t stop him from messing with her. This story is nothing to joke about. Domestic violence is a serious subject, and Chris Brown is facing serious charges – we shouldn’t make up fake ish about this situation

But others continue to report on the gossip which has even prompted mentions on talk radio stations in the country. Once a genie gets out of a bottle, it is hard to put her back. So we hear from the Inquisitr in Australia:

Sources allegedly close to Brown allege that the fight leading to the domestic violence incident occurred because Rihanna gave Chris Brown herpes.

And how did Rihanna end up with an STD to begin with? Claims are that she picked it up from Jay-Z!

And the reports from Wager Web report on what is being said on the radio.

Tom Joyner, who has a nationally syndicated radio broadcast out of Atlanta’s Kiss 104.1, added the reason that Brown is mad at the Barbados singer for giving him and STD.

Earlier a respected gossip site Bossip got into the act with this report:

Bossip just exclusively learned that Chris Brown and Rihanna got into a heated argument which was reportedly about how Rihanna gave him Herpes, which resulted in him giving Rihanna a black eye. Our source tells us that there is a warrant out for his arrest and neither star will be performing or attending the Grammys this evening. You heard it here first.

Again, the wild rumors appear to have no basis in provable fact. People cite unnamed sources and rumor feeds rumor. Therefore, Right Celebrity believes that Rihanna did not give Chris Brown herpes or any other STD, and we hope this articles sets the record straight. The true facts of the case will become known in time so let’s all wait for them.

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Chris Brown Rihanna Video (Herpes Rumors)

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19 Responses to “Rihanna Herpes Rumor: Chris Brown STDs FALSE”

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  1. 1
    Ashley Says:

    i think this is just a big non sense but why did rihanna and chris brown fight?

  2. 2
    Sammy Says:

    Who cares if Rihanna even has herpes, if she does? She’s still another person – just someone who makes a bit more money then the average American. It baffles me how Hollywood is like one big Junior High School.

  3. 3
    asmaralda Says:

    i hope rihanna didnt pass that transmitted diseases matter affact if he or she had the diseses they must checked them selves when they were together ……………….

  4. 4
    amari Says:

    i dont think my man should go to jail

  5. 5
    Sonia Says:

    The media is known to lie! I knew this wasn’t true! Rihanna was beaten because of a stupied text. She confronted Chris and he got pissed. I feel for her! If you have ever been in an abusive relationship, you know that it doesn’t take much to get him or her pissed! I pray that Rihanna will get through this….Check out TMZ and you will see a picture of her. It’s soo sad!

  6. 6
    Ashleigh Mote Says:

    ok ok. for 1 chris brown is my hubby!! hehe =D!! for 2 no one noes wats true nd wat isnt. the media does lie nd everyonr noes it. the only 2 people who noe wat actually happened is Chris Brown and Rihanna. So all this false mess goin round needs to stop. he may have gave her an std…or not. she may have gave him an std…or not. she may had been pregnant…or not. theres always gonna be a…or not…but we dnt noe the truth. nd lik i said the only 2 people who do noe are the 2 that were involved and that happens to be Chris Brown nd Rihanna. nd thats that. i do think is funni how they’re suppose to write a book about abuse. hehe =D!!

  7. 7
    learn to spell Says:

    ^^ learn to spell ^^

  8. 8
    Evil Incarnate Says:

    If the herpes story is not true, then why all the hush hush activity. Also, explain to be why her blood work up from the hospital came back positive for HSV-2? Also, independently confirmed by a security guard from the hospital.

    Who are you kidding…the herpes story is true and that is the main reason why she took him back….becasue he was going to testify and it would become a matter of public record!

  9. 9
    ............... Says:

    hey… why does it matter that he or she has herpes just coz they are famous dont mean it has to be all over the head lines and Tbh Chris did give rihanna a black eye but she shouldnt of been looking on his phone everyone needs privacy, even tho it was wrong for him to do that i dont blame ither part. and chris shouldnt go to prison for just that!

  10. 10
    ksharday24 Says:

    This may be false but still Rhianna and Chris should sue the tabloids for publicizing this false light info this is an Invasion of privacy!!

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