Gilles Marini: Sex and the City Naked Guy

February 9, 2009

Meet Gilles Marini who became instantly famous as the “naked guy” in the 2008 movie “Sex and the City.” See photos, video and a biography of the handsome, dark-haired model and actor.

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Gilles Marini is in the news today because he is one of the 13 celebrities chosen for the Dancing with the Stars 2009 cast. Fans of his memorable shower scene in ‘Sex & the City’ must now console themselves with the brazen display of his fancy footwork as he competes with his fellow members of the DWTS 2009 cast which include a rapper, a country music star, a rodeo champion, a U.S. Olympic gold medalist and a billionaire. The popular ABC TV series will have its eighth season premiere on March 9, 2009.

As a biography, Gilles Marini was born in Grasse, France on January 26, 1976 to a Greek mother and an Italian father. His age is 33. His first name is pronounced “Jill.” He got his start in modeling in Paris where he met famed photographer Fred Goudon. He moved to the U.S. to further his career as a model.

As a model, he has been under contract with L.A. Models in Los Angeles, California since 2002. He has appeared in numerous television commercials and print ads for Budweiser, Clairol, Coca Cola, Ross, Chrysler, Fila, GNC, Infiniti, Mervins, Avon, Lord and Taylor, Robinsons May, and other companies.

He has studied acting with Vincent Chase and Carolyn Barry and has had numerous roles in various television series which include “Ugly Betty,�? “Dirty, Sexy Money,�? “Criminal Minds,�? and “Windfall.�? He has also appeared in daytime dramas, notably “The Bold and the Beautiful�? and “Passions.�?

Before becoming an international sensation, he had appeared in some other movies includiing “One and the Other (L’Une et L’Autre),�? “Pirates of the Caribbean 3,�? and “The Boys & Girls Guide to Getting Down.�? However, Gilles Marini is known indelibly as Sex and the City’s “naked guy” –Dante– who lives in the beach house next door to Samantha (Kim Cattrall).

Dante is a Casa Nova who seduces a different woman every day, giving the audience as well as the character Samantha, some unforgettable eye candy. Just mention the “shower scene” to a fan of the movie in which “naked guy” displayed some brief frontal nudity, rare in American movies.

Marini says, he is proud of himself for finding the courage to display his entire bod on screen for the first time after a lifetime of painful shyness. “Even in my house, I’m never naked,” he says.

In real life, the “Sex and the City” nude guy Gilles Marini lives in Studio City, California with his wife Carole, whom he married in 1998. They couple have two children, a son Georges, 9 and daughter Juliana, 2. In his free time, the model and actor enjoys playing soccer with a neighborhood team and teaching martial arts to his son.

More photos and a video of Gilles Marini are below.

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Photos: PR Photos

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